first_imgAdvertisement Running off to join the circus sounds like avenue of the carefree, what one would do instead of, say, getting a 9-5 job. But after an hour backstage at Cirque du Soleil’s touring arena production of Corteo, you’d be hard-pressed to find anyone who works harder to create something that feels and looks so magically effortless.Hours before the curtain is scheduled to rise, the arena is abuzz with activity. A giant teeter-totter sits in the middle of the stage and a team of strong young men take turns leaping on and off of it, higher and higher in the air. The rehearsal playlist includes “Champagne Supernova” and, appropriately enough, “Jump.” Backstage, a performer works out some choreography with her spotter. A six-foot tall chandelier made of steel and decked out with sturdy acrylic beads sits in the corner. A very muscular shirtless gentleman warms up by lifting weights. A young woman casually juggles bowling pins next to a pair of beds that are actually trampolines.When the muscular gentleman starts to spin around the stage in a giant metal hoop (the Cyr wheel, more about that in a minute), it strikes me that it’s almost more impressive to see such physical feats performed outside of the magical bubble of the show. These are real people in warm-up clothes, leaping, spinning, flipping, twisting to the very edges of physical possibility. Login/Register With: A member of Cirque du Soleil’s Corteo show performs on the high bar during practice for the show at Toronto’s Scotia Bank Centre. PETER J THOMPSON/NATIONAL POSTTiming is Everything“I was originally a trampolinist…so I could already do a lot of the flips and flying through the air,” says Harvey Donnelly, one of the acrobats featured in the teeterboard act. “The next thing to learn is how do you get those flips onto that piece of apparatus. And that’s the hardest thing is learning the timing of the teeterboard and learning how to jump off at the right time, and how to land back on.”Spinning and FallingThe Cyr Wheel is a steel circle large enough to frame a human body spread-eagled like Da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man. It’s named after Canadian circus performer Daniel Cyr, who is credited with reinventing it for the circus. Performers frame themselves in the circle and roll around the stage, sometimes at a leisurely pace, sometimes at a manic spin. It’s dizzying to watch, much less to be in.Donnelly joined Cirque du Soleil on the strength of his trampolining skills. It was only after he was hired that he learned how to use the Cyr Wheel. “I’m not going to lie, that is a lot of spinning and falling, spinning and falling,” he says. “I thought that there was some secret potion, some trick, but there’s not, there’s just getting it, spin until you know how to keep spinning and then once you work out the timing, you got it.”As for how many weeks of spinning and falling before he got it, Harvey is modest. “The truth is, if you ask any circus performer how long it took them to ‘get it’, the first thing you think is ‘I’m still trying to get it!’ But really to get a comfortable spin and not fall on my bum, it took me about six weeks.” A performer uses a hoop during practice for the show. PETER J THOMPSON/NATIONAL POSTThe CostumeWhile Donnelly is spinning (not falling, at least not on my watch) onstage, Catherine Duval, the assistant head of wardrobe, is backstage mending tears, replacing buttons and generally making sure the hundreds of costumes in her charge are clean and – more importantly – safe for the performers to wear each night. The costumes evolve when new cast members join and develop their performance. “After training you can feel how the costume lives,” says Duval. “It always depends what is the act onstage, but for us here it’s important that everybody be comfortable and safe – we need to check all the costumes each day to make sure they have no holes, or missing buttons.”Duval and her team are also on hand as dressers for the cast. “We zip, unzip, untie – everything,” she says. “There are some quick changes…we have the grand angels at the end, and when they come out of the stage, there are big wings and we need to unclip, undress and it’s really quick. It’s not stressful, but it’s a really quick one – we need to be on time.”Suspended pole performer Stephanie Ortega of France practices. PETER J THOMPSON/NATIONAL POSTThe Lights“About once a week, we will rehearse our teeterboard in our show lights,” says Donnelly. “We prefer not to be in our show lights, simply because it’s so hot. In the show you’ll watch us to a six or seven minute full acrobatic act in a jam-packed arena under the lights, and by the time we come offstage we’re dripping with sweat!”The stage lights may make the acrobats sweat, but they’re also obviously a key part of the magical transition. The chandeliers, for example, are made of steel and dripping with clear acrylic beads that the acrobats dangle from. Backstage, one of them sits on the ground, at least four feet in girth and almost six in height. The steel looks firm and strong, and the beads are sturdy – but from out in the audience, the lights transform acrylic and steel into sparkling crystal and brass.Juggler Johan Jusslin of Finland. PETER J THOMPSON/NATIONAL POSTThe Moment Before“I’m in a team of five guys, so we’re always warming up together,” says Donnelly. “Minutes before we hit the stage we’ll talk through our act, so we walk and talk our way through it. We stretch, warm up, usually joking. But we’ll always take a minute or two of silence to go through everything in our heads. But really the best way I can describe it is, the moment you hit the stage it’s like, have you ever dived into a cold pool? You know the moment your feet leave the edge of the pool but you haven’t hit the water yet? When we step on stage, we’ve jumped into the cold pool.”SPECIAL TO NATIONAL POST Facebook Advertisementcenter_img LEAVE A REPLY Cancel replyLog in to leave a comment Twitter Advertisement All in a day’s work at Cirque du Soleil’s traveling production of Corteo.What comes first, the apparatus or the acrobat?Julie Dionne is one of the acrobats in the big chandelier act, and she has been with Corteo off and on since the beginning, having worked on the show’s original development in 2004. “Because our apparatus is already so dramatic, they’re huge chandeliers, so it gives a tone to the act already,” she says. “And then in creation…it was a lot of research with a new apparatus, the physical vocabulary.” Sometimes they’d come up with moves that were beautiful, but couldn’t be seen amid the lines of the chandelier. “There’s two ways – you put yourself in a good mood, the ambiance, and you find the vocabulary, or you go very technically, ‘what can I do as an acrobat and what does that express?’”last_img read more

Sr advocate Indira Jaising takes umbrage on AGs comment

first_imgNew Delhi: “I am a person in my own right”, retorted senior advocate Indira Jaising while taking strong exception to Attorney General K K Venugopal’s comment in the Supreme Court on Thursday that she be referred to as the wife of senior counsel Anand Grover.The incident occurred before a bench comprising Justices Arun Mishra and Navin Sinha when Grover told the court that he was appearing for Jaising, who has filed an application seeking to intervene in the contempt petition filed by the Attorney General against activist lawyer Prashant Bhushan. Also Read – How a psychopath killer hid behind the mask of a devout laity!Justice Mishra asked Grover as to whom he was representing in the matter. When Grover said, “Ms Jaising”, Justice Mishra asked, “Not Indira Jaising?” Grover then clarified that he was appearing for her. At this juncture, Venugopal who was present in the court, said: “He (Grover) should say (he is appearing) for his wife.” To this, Jaising took umbrage at the comment and said, “Mr Attorney General you should withdraw his remark. I am a person in my own right”. Also Read – Encounter under way in Pulwama, militant killedMinutes later however, she said: “I am sorry that I lost my temper Mr Attorney. We identify as individual lawyers. We are not to be identified as somebody’s spouse or somebody’s wife or husband. We are maintaining our individuality. Hence, we chose not to change our names.” Jaising told the bench that she has filed an application to intervene in the matter as the court was dealing with the issue of whether lawyers and litigants can criticise the court proceedings in a sub-judice matter to influence public opinion. “I also write frequently. I am concerned and I must know the limit of law,” she said, adding, “It is my own choice as to who should represent me. Kindly allow Mr Grover to appear for me”. To this, the bench said, “Do not worry, we will hear everybody when we will hear the issue”. During the hearing, Bhushan admitted before the court that he had made a “genuine mistake” by tweeting that the government had perhaps submitted in the apex court fabricated documents of the high-powered selection panel on appointment of interim CBI chief.last_img read more

PSA Peugeot Citroen Investment in Morocco Spurred by Qualified Human Resources

Rabat – Given its world-class infrastructure notably in terms of car production and nexport logistics in addition to the quality of training of human resources specializing in automobile industry, Morocco was chosen to host the new production plant of French car manufacturer PSA Peugeot Citroen, Chairman of the Managing Board of the French group Carlos Antunes Tavares said on Friday in Rabat.Thanks to the level of its infrastructure and training, Morocco is well-paced to attract enterprises that are willing to bolster their exports to African markets, said Tavares at a press conference prior to the signing of the agreement to set up a PSA Peugeot Citroen factory in the Kingdom.This investment will help he group boost its exports to new markets in Africa, said Tavares, noting that the French carmaker aims to sell 200,000 cars per year to reach one million cars by 2025. Speaking on the same occasion, Minister for Industry, Trade, Investment and Digital Economy, Moulay Hafid Elalamy said that the car industry sector was the main driver of Morocco’s exports in 2012-2014 with sales standing at 40 billion dirhams.The automobile industry’s exports rose by 26% between 2012 and 2014, far ahead of other sectors such electronics (+11.5%) and agri-food (+8.4%), he said.The Minister added that Morocco attaches utmost importance to the automobile manufacturing sector in the industrial acceleration plan, noting that Morocco aims to bring production from 400,000 cars in 2014 to 800,000 in 2020. read more

Drug trafficking greatest threat to Latin American countries today UN hears

“Our region has become prey to malevolent geopolitics,” Costa Rican President Laura Chinchilla Miranda told the General Assembly’s annual general debate last night.“As a result of our location between the largest centres of production and demand in the world, we have become a target to the dynamic of death that they both create, and we must bear the burden of extraordinary material, institutional and human costs What for the main perpetrators of these atrocities are mere ‘collateral damages,’ for Central Americans represent extreme challenges and deep wounds.”Ms. Chinchilla added: “From here stems our greatest frustration. Thus we demand that the international community, in particular the greatest consumers of drugs and suppliers of arms that materialize the violence, assume completely and without further delay, the responsibility of their actions.”President Carlos Mauricio Funes Cartagena of the Republic of El SalvadorEl Salvador’s President Mauricio Funes echoed his Costa Rican counterpart’s call for international support and stressed that drug trafficking affects not just Latin America but every country where drugs are obtained illegally.“The international community must understand that it also suffers from this problem,” he said in his address today. “There is no nation in the world where there hasn’t been a drug consumer that has obtained drugs from the hand of criminal drug networks.”He also said that Central American countries will continue to combat drug trafficking by strengthening their institutions, seeking transparency in their security bodies, and helping young people stay away from gangs. But he stressed that there would be no progress without the leadership of consumer countries, and called on the United States to take immediate measures.“El Salvador and Central America are making great efforts to face this reality but the numbers are not on our side,” he said.“We are talking about a drug trade route that moves about $100,000 million per year, and that culminates in the biggest market in the world and the main consumer of these substances: the United States. Not even a big country like Mexico can take a step on its own and have any possibilities of success in this battle in the face of such a terrorist threat.“The battle against organized crime is everyone’s fight and in this sense, I would like to make a special appeal to the United Sates so that it assumes a resolute and concrete leadership in this battle against drug trafficking and organized crime.” 23 September 2011Costa Rica and El Salvador, two countries highly affected by drug-related violence in recent years, have urged the United Nations to help fight drug cartels and organized crime, and called on Member States with high numbers of drug consumers to take the lead on the issue. read more

Citing death of Palestinian girl by Israeli fire UN urges protection of

“I am horrified by this death, and I have conveyed my deepest condolences to the victim’s family,” said Peter Hansen, Commissioner-General of the UN Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA).Raghda Adnan Al-Assar died last Wednesday at Gaza European Hospital in Khan Younis. She was hit by a bullet from the Israeli Defence Forces (IDF) while attending the UNRWA Elementary School on 7 September.UNRWA said the tragic event occurred despite its numerous calls to the Government of Israel to instruct the IDF to stop firing at or in the vicinity of the Agency’s schools. “The response of the Israeli authorities has routinely been to deny that such firing took place or to cite ongoing security necessity,” the Agency said.Mr. Hansen blamed the death on “military violence which is completely unnecessary and simply cannot be justified: schools are supposed to be havens of safety for the children.” “On countless occasions I have called upon the Israeli authorities to respect their obligations under the CRC and under international humanitarian law in general, and to stop firing on the schools, fearing that innocent schoolchildren would inevitably be killed,” he added. “Now it has happened. It is a tragic and senseless death. We have all failed to protect this child. Such killings must stop.” read more

UAE airline Etihad announces loss of 187B in 2016

UAE airline Etihad announces loss of $1.87B in 2016 by The Associated Press Posted Jul 27, 2017 4:28 am MDT Last Updated Jul 27, 2017 at 8:40 am MDT AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email DUBAI, United Arab Emirates – The United Arab Emirates’ flagship carrier Etihad said on Thursday it lost $1.87 billion in 2016, blaming “one-off impairment charges and fuel hedging losses” for the massive loss.The Abu Dhabi-based airline’s loss comes during a tough time for the Gulf’s long-haul carriers, as a diplomatic crisis with Qatar upended regional air routes and Trump administration’s travel ban on six majority Muslim nations also hurt their business.Etihad’s loss also comes as it re-evaluates its business plans following the January departure of CEO James Hogan. He led an aggressive multi-year buying spree that saw the Mideast carrier snap up stakes in airlines from Europe to Australia.Etihad said the loss included a $1.06 billion charge on aircraft reflecting lower market values and a $808 million charge on certain assets and financial exposures to equity partners, mainly related to Alitalia and Air Berlin. It also blamed a slowdown in the cargo market and legacy fuel hedging costs for the loss.“A culmination of factors contributed to the disappointing results for 2016,” said Mohamed Mubarak Fadhel al-Mazrouei, chairman of the Etihad Aviation Group.Peter Baumgartner, Etihad’s new CEO, offered a grim outlook.“We are in an industry characterized by overcapacity, declining market sizes on key routes and changing customer behaviour as a weak global economy affects spending appetite,” Baumgartner said in a statement.Etihad has more than 110 passenger and cargo destinations around the world and flies a fleet of over 120 Airbus and Boeing aircraft. read more

CV registrations down 74 per cent

DownloadClick to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window) February’s the low point in the annual registration calendar Strong growth in February 2002 contrasts February 2003 decline CV registrations at 64,872 for three months to February, up 4.8 per cent Light CV registrations down 7.7 per cent on the same month last year Truck registrations also down, 3.3 per cent, but artic volume holds up Bus & coach registrations on par, year on year for six months to February

Opinion Bengals and Browns trending to opposite ends of the NFL

Cleveland quarterback Josh McCown hangs his head as he walks off the field after throwing an interception to Oakland safety Charles Woodson to end the Browns’ late fourth quarter drive on Sept. 27 at FirstEnergy Stadium in Cleveland. Credit: Courtesy of TNSAs we near the quarter-way mark of the NFL season, the contenders and pretenders of the league are starting to show their true colors.The undefeated Cincinnati Bengals have joined the ranks of the contenders after winning their first three games to start the season. Ahead of their Week 3 divisional showdown, Baltimore Ravens coach John Harbaugh called the Bengals “the most talented team in the league,” according to ESPN.Harbaugh isn’t alone in thinking this, either.The Bengals’ youthful offense is brimming with talent. Quarterback Andy Dalton is off to a blazing start, tossing eight touchdowns to just one interception through the first three games of the season. Running backs Jeremy Hill and Giovani Bernard head up a dynamic one-two punch coming out of the backfield, and star wide receiver A.J. Green continues to dazzle. Against the Ravens, Green was virtually unguardable, as he hauled in 10 receptions for 227 receiving yards and two scores.Defensively, the Bengals have great depth and boast one of the league’s top secondaries. With the winless Ravens reeling and the Pittsburgh Steelers hurting with the loss of quarterback Ben Roethlisberger for roughly a month’s time due to a sprained MCL and bone bruise in his left knee, the AFC North crown is sitting on a platter for the Bengals’ taking.About a four-hour drive north of Cincinnati lies its in-state rival, which nobody will mistake for one of the NFL’s most talented.It’s been another rugged start for the Cleveland Browns, a common occurrence for the laughingstock of professional sports. They’ve dropped two of their first three games on their way to a 1-2 record. Cleveland’s lone win came over a Tennessee Titans squad that finished last season 2-14. If the Browns aren’t careful, they’ll end up with a similar record.Nevertheless, it doesn’t take an expert to see that the Browns are on their way to another top-10 pick in the NFL draft. Cleveland’s defense is a mess and couldn’t stop a nosebleed if you handed it a whole box of Kleenex. The Browns are tied for the fifth-most yards allowed and cornerback Joe Haden, their defensive MVP, is looking like anything but his 2014 Pro Bowl self. In the Browns’ Week 3 27-20 drubbing at the hands of the Oakland Raiders, Haden was repeatedly burned and beaten badly in coverage by rookie wideout Amari Cooper.If things seem dismal on defense for the Browns, they’re even worse offensively. After spending big bucks in the offseason on veteran receivers Brian Hartline and Dwayne Bowe, the two have been nothing short of colossal busts, combining for a grand total of 116 yards on seven receptions. Bowe has only played eight snaps all year long because of a troublesome hamstring injury, but, hey, kudos to coach Mike Pettine for coming out this week and saying he wouldn’t cut his key free agent acquisition. Maybe he should’ve instead opted to keep wideout Terrelle Pryor before the season began. At least Pryor was relatively healthy when he was cut and didn’t cost the team a ridiculous $12.5 million, including $9 million guaranteed.Yet, the talk of the team remains centered around the Josh McCown vs. Johnny Manziel starting quarterback debate. The Browns’ issues on offense are bigger than who should start under center, but Pettine hasn’t handled the positional battle very well. His decision to stick with the 36-year-old journeyman McCown could stunt the growth of the second-year Manziel, who actually looked up to snuff in the Browns’ 28-14 victory over the Titans in Week 2.In the wake of the Browns’ most recent loss to the Raiders, a TMZ report emerged on Tuesday stating that three anonymous offensive starters were angered by Pettine’s choice to start McCown over Manziel.While members of the Browns have since denied the report, TMZ has stood firm, stating that nothing was fabricated. It just shows how poorly Pettine and his coaching staff are handling the quarterback situation, regardless if the report has any validity.The Bengals, healthy and drama free, square off at home against the Kansas City Chiefs on Oct. 4 with a chance to gain a stranglehold on the AFC North. Traveling to the West Coast to face the San Diego Chargers are the Browns, who will look to avoid falling to 1-3 on the year.Heading into the blustery fall season, it’s clear to see that polar opposites reside in Ohio. The Bengals and Browns may share the same state, but they’re trending in completely opposite directions. read more

Wrestling Ohio State unveils 201718 wrestling schedule

Sun., Feb. 11vs. MichiganAnn Arbor, Michigan Fri., Jan. 5vs. Maryland College Park, Maryland Feb. 16 or 18vs. North Carolina State Raleigh, North Carolina Sun., Nov. 12vs. Arizona StateColumbus Tue., Nov. 21vs. Cleveland State (Thanksgiving Throwdown)vs. Kent State (Thanksgiving ThrowdownColumbus Then-sophomore Myles Martin checks the clock as he looks for back-points against Bo Nickal of Penn State on Feb. 3, 2017 at the Schottenstein Center. OSU lost, 32-12. Credit: Nicholas McWilliams | Former Sports EditorOhio State wrestling unveiled its 2017-18 schedule Thursday, which includes 14 dual meets and two tournaments.The reigning Big Ten champion Buckeyes will host six duals during the upcoming season. The competitions will be held in three different cities and four different venues. While St. John Arena is the conventional home for Ohio State wrestling, duals will be hosted at the Schottenstein Center, and at two in-state high schools. The season will kick off on Nov. 4 when the Buckeyes compete in the Princeton Open, a tournament hosted by Princeton in Princeton, New Jersey. Ohio State will then host three non-conference foes at St. John Arena, beginning with Arizona State on Nov. 12. Cleveland State and Kent State will visit Columbus to take part in the Thanksgiving Throwdown on Nov. 21. On Dec. 2-3, the Buckeyes travel west to compete in the Cliff Keen Las Vegas Invitational.The Big Ten opener against Indiana on Dec. 10 will be hosted by the Buckeyes at Cuyahoga Valley Christian Academy in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, the alma mater of Nathan Tomasello, the reigning Big Ten champion at 133 pounds. Ohio State will have three straight duals on the road before rounding out regular-season conference play with six weekend matches, including a match against Purdue on Jan. 28 at Graham High School in St. Paris, Ohio, which produced brothers Bo and Micah Jordan. Before beginning postseason play in the Big Ten tournament, Ohio State will travel to Raleigh, N.C. for a dual with North Carolina State on either Feb. 16 or 18, with the official date to be announced at a later time. The Buckeyes will have an opportunity to repeat as conference champions when the Big Ten tournament takes place on March 3-4 in East Lansing, Michigan.If all goes well for certain Ohio State wrestlers, their season will conclude in their home state as the NCAA championships will be held Mar. 15-17 at the Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland.The season schedule will see Ohio State face seven schools that finished in the top-20 at the 2017 NCAA championships. Ohio State will return a wealth of talent from its 2016-17 roster, including two-time defending national champion heavyweight Kyle Snyder. Returning along with Snyder will be the Jordan brothers, Tomasello, Kollin Moore and Myles Martin.Bo, the elder brother, is the defending Big Ten champion at 174 pounds. Micah, a redshirt junior, finished as a runner-up at 149 pounds in the Big Ten last season. Moore was the reigning champion at 197 pounds, while Martin won the NCAA championship as a freshman in 2016 at 174 pounds. Sat., Nov, 4Princeton OpenPrinceton, New Jersey Fri., Jan. 26vs. Michigan StateEast Lansing, Michigan Sun., Dec. 17vs. ChattanoogaAtlanta Feb. 2 or 4vs. Penn StateUniversity Park, Pennsylvania Fri., Jan. 12vs. Minnesota Columbus (Schottenstein Center) Dec. 2-3Cliff Keen Las Vegas Invitational Las Vegas Mar. 3-4Big Ten Championships  East Lansing, Michigan Sun., Jan. 28vs. PurdueSt. Paris, Ohio Jan. 19 or 21vs. IowaColumbus Sun., Dec. 10vs. IndianaCuyahoga Falls, Ohio Sun., Jan. 7vs. RutgersPiscataway, New Jersey Schedule: Mar. 15-17NCAA ChampionshipsCleveland, Ohio read more

BRAZIL Mens National Championship began

Brasilbrazilbrazil handballBrazilian handballhandballhandebol ← Previous Story ROK PRAZNIK TO PLAY FOR FREE: RK Celje PL get experienced left back! Next Story → Women’s EHF CL 2013/2014 begins today! Brazilian Men’s Championship began last weekend. This is 17th edition of the most important handball competition in this South American country.GROUP B TEAMS:METODISTA/SÃO BERNARDO/BESNI – SPACEU/UNIVALI/FME BALNEARIO CAMBORIU – SCFME CAMPOS/GOYTACAZ – RJUNICEP/AHB/SÃO CARLOS – SP– METODISTA/SÃO BERNARDO/BESNI (16) 33 X 16 (10) UNICEP/AHB/SÃO CARLOS– ACEU/UNIVALI/FME BALNEARIO CAMBORIU (15) 31 X 19 (4) FME CAMPOS/GOYTACAZ– METODISTA/SÃO BERNARDO/BESNI (26) 43 X 17 (7) FME CAMPOS/GOYTACAZ– ACEU/UNIVALI/FME BALNEARIO CAMBORIU (15) 28 X 16 (7) UNICEP/AHB/SÃO CARLOS– UNICEP/AHB/SÃO CARLOS (13) 21 X 20 (9) FME CAMPOS/GOYTACAZ– ACEU/UNIVALI/FME BALNEARIO CAMBORIU (12) 26 X 33 (15) METODISTA/SÃO BERNARDO/BESNI GROUP A TEAMS– PINHEIROS – SP– TAUBATÉ – SP– UNIMED/UEM/MARINGA – PR02/10/2013PINHEIROS  X UNIMED/UEM/MARINGA03.10.2013TAUBATÉ  X UEM/UNIMED/MARINGA04.10.2013TAUBATÉ  X PINHEIROSTEXT: Luiz Gustavo da S. Machado read more

Man arrested after body found at Dublin house

first_imgTHE BODY OF a man in his 50s has been discovered at a house in Skerries, Dublin, this evening.Gardaí said they are investigating all the circumstances of the discovery at the house in Mourne Park at 6pm today.A man in his late 20s was arrested nearby, shortly after the discovery of the body, and he is currently detained at Ballymun Garda Station.The scene is preserved for a technical examination and the State pathologist has been notified.Read: Man stabbed in broad daylight by motorbike attackers>last_img

Bord Gáis announces 22 electricity price increase

first_imgUpdated 11.45pmBORD GÁIS ENERGY has said that electricity prices are to go up from 1 March.The company says outside factors are responsible for their decision to end their winter price freeze.The rise will add around 50 cent to the average household bill, they say.The company had absorbed what they called increased costs over the winter, but were now going to raise prices. They point to a weakened euro and “volatility in international wholesale energy costs”, which Bord Gáis Energy has absorbed over a sustained period.Dave Kirwan, the managing director of Bord Gáis Energy says that the company were the last to raise their prices.“Bord Gáis Energy regrets that any price increase is necessary but the factors driving this increase are outside our control.“We continue to work hard to keep bills as low as possible, offering new and existing customers value for money and helping them to manage their energy costs, especially throughout the winter period.”- First published 3.05pmRead: EU Commission sets out plan to harvest energy from our seas and oceansColumn: The people should have a say in planning Ireland’s energy gridlast_img read more

Pixar teases new movie Brave

first_imgEver since Toy Story made us all fans, Pixar hasn’t really put a foot wrong. A Bug’s Life, Monsters, Inc., Finding Nemo, The Incredibles, Cars, Ratatouille, WALL-E, and Up. They really do know their stuff and seem capable of producing hit after hit with little effort.This summer we have Cars 2 to enjoy, but Pixar is already teasing its next movie release expected this time next year.Yesterday, the trailer you see included above appeared on YouTube giving us a sneak peek at Brave. It seems like quite a departure for Pixar and the story reads like the introduction for a Rogue-like character in an MMO.The main character is a red-headed young girl called Merida who is a skilled archer and must face off against a lush forest full of beasts. She does a deal with an eccentric old Witch to help solve a problem she caused in the kingdom. The wish she is granted just ends up making things worse and Merida has to show true bravery to overcome it.The details are thin, and our focus is on what the movie looks like for the time being. We’ve also got a great line-up of voice talent to look forward to with Kelly MacDonald, Emma Thompson, Billy Connolly, Kevin McKidd, Craig Ferguson, Robbie Coltrane, and Julie Walters all confirmed as taking major roles.As with all Pixar films, the quality of the visuals is stunning. If Blizzard decide to do World of Warcraft 2 I think this is what they should be aiming for quality wise, at least for those initial teaser story videos we always get to introduce the game. On the flip side, Pixar could have an interesting video game in the works to support the movie. While it’s doubtful that we will get an MMO, we can at least hope that such a game bucks the trend of poor titles off the back of a movie license.It’s a shame we have to wait until next summer to see Brave, but then there’s always the back catalogue of Pixar movies to re-watch in the meantime.More at Disneylast_img read more

Apple removes Sweatshop iOS game from sale because it made them uncomfortable

first_imgWhen Apple removes a game or other app from the App Store it’s usually because one or more of the many rules has been broken. But in the case of Sweatshop HD, the game just made Apple uncomfortable, and it’s hard to argue your case as a developer against that.Sweatshop HD was created by BAFTA-winning creative studio Littleloud. It has tower defense gameplay mechanics, but tasks the player with running a sweatshop producing clothing and footwear. It is aimed at young people in a bid to get them thinking about where the clothes we buy come from and the conditions workers in some of these factories suffer through.Over its 30 levels the player has to deal with ever larger orders, more types of products to make, but also problems like fires, no toilets, unions, and employees getting tired or ill. It’s realistic because the choice of what to do–look after the workers or complete the orders–falls to the player, and hopefully teaches them the difficulties in balancing the two in the process.For Apple though, such an educational game ended up being too uncomfortable for them to sell. And although it was allowed on to the App Store in November last year, it has since been removed. Littleloud tried to get the game back by making it clear in the app that it was fictional. They also informed Apple that the charity Labor Behind the Label was involved to ensure everything being depicted was true to life.Sweatshop HD remains missing from the App Store, though, and is unlikely to return. That seems totally unfair as it was educational and Apple’s response clearly shows it doesn’t want apps to deal with difficult issues. This isn’t the first example of such behavior either, as Apple also decided to remove Phone Story from sale back in 2011.The good news is, you can still play Sweatshop as it was also released as a browser-based Flash game.last_img read more

Former Christian brother found guilty of sexually abusing 10yearold boys at school

first_img 19,337 Views By David Raleigh Jun 21st 2017, 10:57 PM Wednesday 21 Jun 2017, 10:57 PM Image: AP/Press Association Images http://jrnl.ie/3456835 A FORMER CHRISTIAN brother who would “lick” his pupils ears while sexually abusing them in class, has been found guilty by a jury of 15 counts of indecent assault.James Treacy, 75, with an address at Ashford Close, Swords, Dublin, showed no emotion as a jury at Limerick Circuit Court found him guilty, by unanimous decision, of abusing all three male victims.The court heard harrowing evidence from the victims, who were aged ten-years old and in fifth class at the time.To protect the identities of the victims, the court ordered restrictions on identifying the school where the shocking abuse occurred.Treacy has denied all of the charges which related to offences which occurred in the late 1970s.The court heard evidence from Treacy’s victims who all said he would abuse them in front of one another while he taught a “military style” class.His modus operandi, the court heard, was to place his hands down the front of the boys trousers and fondle their privates.One victim told the court: “It was a military style class. What I mean by that is that we had to be neat and clean; Our hair had to be cut and we had to clean our ears, and if you’re ears weren’t clean, he would actually lick your ears.”He said the accused became a friend of his family and would visit his home and go with them on family day trips.The man broke down several times as he gave a chilling account of what Treacy did to him. “I couldn’t tell my mother what was happening,” he added.Another victim told the court how Treacy reached inside his clothes and fondled him while whispering into his ear: “Look at this lump of jelly and watch it get hard.”“It was horrific,” the man said.He told the court he would be in “a panic” at home before going to school for fear of being targeted again by Treacy.He told the court: “I used to, in my own little mind, stuff my vest down my pants, in the hope he would got to another pupil in the class.”A third victim also broke down several times in court as he described Treacy abusing him in “full view of the class”.The court heard the victim’s did not tell anyone about the abuse until they were contacted by gardai in 2007 investigating allegations about Treacy.“I locked it to the back of my mind. That’s where I wanted it to stay,” the man said.Treacy was convicted last month of two further counts of indecently assault on a boy at a school in the 1970s.The court heard evidence that, after abusing some of the boys, Treacy brought them as a treat to meet his brother, the late Republic of Ireland soccer star Ray Treacy – who had no knowledge of the abuse – at a celebrity sports event.The victim told the court how “Brother Treasaigh (Treacy)” gagged his mouth with a bar of soap and raped him over a urinal.He said Treacy also burnt his genitals with a cigarette after catching him smoking in the school toilet.Treacy was remanded on continuing bail for sentencing on all matters on 30 June.Comments have been closed for legal reasonsRead: Former Christian Brother would ‘lick’ pupils’ dirty ears clean and fondle their privates, court told No Comments Image: AP/Press Association Images Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article Short URL Share76 Tweet Email1 Former Christian brother found guilty of sexually abusing 10-year-old boys at school James Treacy will be sentenced on 30 June.last_img read more

La rencontre GoodPlanet Marc Ona écologiste gabonais

first_imgLa rencontre GoodPlanet : Marc Ona, écologiste gabonaisChaque semaine, le site goodplanet.info fondé par Yann-Arthus Bertrand part à la rencontre de ceux qui se bougent pour l’écologie. Retrouvez les meilleurs extraits sur Maxisciences.   Lauréat du Prix Goldman pour l’environnement en 2009 suite à son combat en faveur de la préservation du Parc national d’Ivindo au Gabon, Marc Ona Essangui évoque les activités de son association, Brainforest. Il parle notamment du rôle que l’association a joué dans le dossier Bélinga. Ce nom désigne un projet d’exploitation minière qui prévoyait la construction d’une mine, d’un barrage, d’un chemin de fer, d’une route et d’un port en eaux profondes en plein cœur du parc national d’Ivindo au Nord-est du Gabon et à proximité des chutes Kongou – parmi les plus belles d’Afrique. GoodPlanet : Marc Ona, vous êtes le président et le co-fondateur de l’ONG Brainforest. Avant toute chose, d’où vient ce nom, “Brainforest” ?Marc Ona : En anglais, “brain” signifie cerveau. C’est Giuseppe Vassallo, un ami italien aujourd’hui décédé avec qui j’ai créé Brainforest, qui a choisi ce nom. Il pensait que la forêt jouait pour la planète le même rôle que le cerveau pour le corps humain. C’est d’ailleurs lui qui est à l’origine de la création de Brainforest en 1998. Il était tombé littéralement amoureux des chutes Kongou au Nord-Est du Gabon, et c’est pour les préserver qu’il a voulu fonder Brainforest. A sa mort, en 2000, j’ai repris le flambeau. C’était aussi son souhait, que les Gabonais poursuivent son œuvre. Et aujourd’hui, notre mission et nos actions vont plus loin que la protection des chutes Kongou et de la forêt de l’Ivindo. Nous intervenons désormais dans trois principaux domaines : la gestion des forêts, l’exploitation des ressources naturelles et la gouvernance.Gestion des forêts, exploitation des ressources naturelles et gouvernance, ce sont justement les trois composantes de l’affaire Bélinga. Pourquoi vous êtes-vous opposé à ce projet ?En 2007, le gouvernement gabonais a conclu une convention minière avec la société chinoise CMEC pour l’exploitation d’un très important gisement de fer, à Bélinga, dans le nord-est du pays. Or, ce contrat prévoit non seulement la construction d’une mine mais également un barrage, une voie de chemin de fer et un port en eaux profondes au beau milieu du parc d’Ivindo et à proximité des chutes Kongou. De tels ouvrages représentent une menace importante pour les populations locales et pour les écosystèmes et auraient des conséquences irréversibles sur l’environnement de la région. La société CMEC a d’ailleurs déjà construit une route jusqu’aux chutes Kongou, en violation totale du Code de l’environnement gabonais, permettant ainsi aux braconniers d’accéder à des zones qui étaient jusqu’ici préservées. En tant qu’ONG de protection de l’environnement, il était de notre devoir de dénoncer ces risques.À lire aussiJournée mondiale de l’environnement : Quelques astuces pour un mode de vie plus écolo au bureauC’est donc pour cette raison que vous vous êtes battu pour obtenir la suspension du projet et la révision de la convention passée entre le gouvernement et la CMEC. Comment avez-vous fait ?Lorsque nous avons obtenu une copie de la convention de 2007, nous avons découvert qu’aucune étude d’impact environnemental n’avait été réalisée. Ni pour la mine, ni pour le barrage, ni pour le chemin de fer, ni pour le port en eaux profondes. Les Gabonais n’avaient pas non plus été informés des conséquences du projet Bélinga, pas plus qu’ils n’avaient été consultés, comme le prévoit pourtant le Code de l’environnement du Gabon. Mais en plus, nous avons découvert que le contrat comprenait des clauses qui étaient largement plus favorables à la partie chinoise qu’au Gabon. Il était par exemple prévu que la CMEC bénéficierait d’une exonération d’impôts de 25 ans et que le Gabon ne recevrait que 10 % des profits de l’exploitation. Puis, au fil de nos investigations, nous avons appris que seuls quelques ministres avaient été impliqués dans la signature de l’accord et que la grande majorité du gouvernement, y compris le président Omar Bongo, n’en avait pas eu connaissance. Lorsque nous avons dévoilé le contenu du contrat au président Bongo, il a immédiatement convoqué tous les ministres concernés et a décidé de suspendre le projet. Lire la suite sur goodplanet.info Propos recueillis par Benjamin GrimontTout savoir sur les principaux enjeux environnementaux liés à l’exploitation minièreEn savoir plus sur le GabonGoodPlanet.info est un projet de la fondation GoodPlanet, présidée par Yann Arthus-Bertrand, reporter, photographe, documentariste et écologiste français. Le site présente de manière pédagogique les enjeux écologiques et humains majeurs de notre époque.Le 27 décembre 2010 à 11:36 • Emmanuel Perrinlast_img read more

La capsule Dragon réussit ses premiers tests

first_imgLa capsule Dragon réussit ses premiers testsMercredi, les équipes du Johnson Space Center de Houston au Texas ont annoncé que la capsule Dragon qui a décollé mardi de Floride avait passé avec succès tous les tests prévus à ce stade en vue d’un amarrage historique vendredi à la Station spatiale internationale (ISS).”Jusqu’ici tout se passe comme prévu” pour l’engin de la société SpaceX. C’est ce qu’a indiqué mercredi à l’AFP Kelly Humphries, un porte-parole du Johnson Space Center de Houston au Texas où se trouve le centre de contrôle de la Station spatiale internationale (ISS). En effet, deux jours à peine après avoir décollé, la capsule Dragon poursuit tranquillement sa route vers l’ISS. Mercredi, elle a ainsi effectué de premiers tests de contrôle en vue de son amarrage à l’avant-poste orbital. Des tests qu’elle a passé avec succès.”Tout ce qui était prévu jusqu’à maintenant dans le vol de démonstration a été effectué, notamment les tests de navigation avec le système de positionnement par satellite (GPS), d’annulation de la procédure d’amarrage et la capacité pour la capsule de ‘flotter’ librement dans l’espace, qui est importante pour que le bras robotisé de la Station puisse la saisir, a été vérifiée”, a précisé le porte-parole confirmant “l’optimisme” prévalant parmi les responsables de la mission. Aujourd’hui, est néanmoins un autre jour crucial pour le vaisseau non-habité Dragon.En effet, les équipes doivent procéder à une répétition générale de la procédure d’approche, tout d’abord en effectuant à partir de 06H30 GMT un vol au plus près à 2,5 kilomètres de la Station. Une distance qu’elle atteindra à 07H49 GMT et à laquelle elle se maintiendra jusqu’à 11H30 GMT avant de s’éloigner de nouveau jusqu’à 200 kilomètres, a détaillé le porte-parole. Les équipes profiteront alors de cette période pour effectuer une autre batterie de tests. Ceux-ci permettront de vérifier le bon fonctionnement des communications entre la Station et Dragon ainsi que le bon état de marche du système de navigation avec le GPS pour déterminer la position de l’ISS par rapport à la capsule de SpaceX. De même, les six spationautes à bord de l’avant-poste orbital effectueront de leur côté une répétition des manoeuvres avec le bras robotisé censé permettre de saisir Dragon.Un amarrage prévu à 15H05 GMT vendrediAprès ces répétitions, les responsables de la mission à la NASA se réuniront jeudi soir heure locale (01H00 GMT vendredi) pour donner ou non le feu vert à la procédure d’amarrage. Si la décision est favorable, l’opération débutera peu après pour placer Dragon à 250 mètres de l’ISS à 09H28 GMT vendredi. Là encore, si tout va bien, Houston donnera son ultime “GO” à 10H09 GMT, ce qui autorisera la capsule à s’approcher davantage pour être saisie sous le module américaine Harmony à 12H06 GMT par le bras robotisé de l’ISS.À lire aussiBoisson, météorite et Facebook, les actus sciences que vous devez connaître ce 5 septembreMais ce n’est que trois heures plus tard à 15H05 GMT, que les véritables procédures d’amarrage commenceront. L’ouverture des sas entre l’ISS et Dragon commercera à 10H00 GMT samedi. Ceci permettra à l’équipage de s’introduire dans le vaisseau et de transférer les 521 kg de fret (provisions alimentaires, matériels de laboratoire…) transportés dans la Station. Une fois la capsule vide, ils chargeront ensuite Dragon de 660 kg de matériel d’expériences scientifiques menées au cours des derniers mois.Les prochains jours s’annoncent donc chargés pour Dragon, l’ISS et les équipes spatiales. Mais si la capsule réussit son amarrage à la Station, ce sera un moment historique marquant le début d’une nouvelle ère dans le transport orbital. En effet, la NASA mise sur le succès de SpaceX car elle compte sur le secteur privé pour prendre la relève de la navette spatiale dont la dernière a volé en juillet 2011, et ravitailler dès 2012 et à moindre coût l’ISS avant d’y transporter des astronautes vers 2015.Redécouvrez en images et en vidéo le décollage de la capsule Dragon sur Maxisciences Le 24 mai 2012 à 12:42 • Maxime Lambertlast_img read more

Huskies beat Cal on last play

first_imgBERKELEY, Calif. — Chris Polk scored on a 1-yard run as time expired, and Washington denied California bowl eligibility while keeping its own postseason hopes alive with a thrilling 16-13 victory Saturday.Quarterback Jake Locker, who threw an earlier 80-yard touchdown pass, was stopped on consecutive sneak attempts on second and third down from the 1 before Polk came through for the Huskies. The winning touchdown set of a celebratory pileup behind the end zone, and the players danced near their contingent of fans well after the game ended.Washington (5-6, 4-4 Pac-10) still needs a victory in next weekend’s Apple Cup rivalry game at Washington State to reach its first bowl since 2002.NEXT GAMEWashington at Washington State, 4 p.m. Saturday.TV: VERSUS (cable Channel 32).Radio: AM 1330 (WSU broadcast)Cal (5-7, 3-6), playing in a downpour for much of the final game at Memorial Stadium before the 87-year-old venue undergoes a major renovation, lost its third straight and couldn’t rebound from an embarrassing rout by rival Stanford in last week’s Big Game. The Golden Bears’ postseason streak is over after a seven-year run.Locker — still playing with a broken rib — went 17 for 27 for 237 yards and was sacked three times. He set up the winning score with a 46-yard completion to a diving Jermaine Kearse.last_img read more

BC leaders attend Maha Sabha

first_imgToopran: BC state President Jajula Srinivas Goud and state women president Somannagari Lakshmi called upon OBCs to attend National level OBC Maha Sabha. They were speaking at a meeting held in Lakshmi Garden in Toopran on monday. The duo handed over oppointment letters to BC leaders. BC secretary Shiva Goud, BC youth general secretary Narender Goud, leaders Suresh, Sai Baba, Mallikarjun Goud, Bhagya Raj, Talari Surya Prakash, Naga Raju, Srinivasa Chary and others were present.last_img

VIDEO Jordan Spieth played a round at St Andrews with wooden clubs

first_imgNowadays, golf clubs are precision instruments. Critics of the modern game say the sport is as much about technology and equipment as it is about skill.For one round at the legendary links of St. Andrews, 2015 Masters champion Jordan Spieth decided to ditch his oversized driver and irons for a set of turn of the 20th century hickory clubs.Spieth, dressed like Shia LeBouf in The Greatest Game Ever Played, struggled to find the miniscule sweet spot on the sticks, and even took a mulligan.The takeaway from this video? Wooden clubs suck and golf must have been brutal to watch in 1900.last_img