General Gaid Salahs Silent Coup Détat in Algeria

Washington, DC — The recent ”inexplicable” rash of firings of scores of high-ranking military officials in the Algerian armed forces is nothing short of a coup d’état led by Vice Minister of Defense and chief of staff of the Algeria’s People’s National Army (ANP), General Ahmed Gaid Salah. Fifty years after its independence, yet another general emerges as the undisputed leader of Algeria.Over the past few months, Algeria’s new strongman General Gaid Salah has orchestrated an unprecedented shake-up of his nation’s security apparatus with the firing of all but one head of the country’s military regions, the head of the national police, several generals and high-ranking officials within Military Intelligence. The firing of the chief of the National Police, General Abdelghani Hamel, was a master coup that gives Gaid Salah unprecedented power. General Hamel, a close friend and a confidant of the presidential clan, was considered by many as a pillar of the Bouteflika regime.Even more significant, right after the removal of Hamel, General Gaid Salah tried to sack General Bachir Tartag, another significant figure of the current regime. Media outlets close to the military circulated articles predicting the imminent demise of Tartag, the head of the DSS (Algeria’s powerful intelligence agency). However, no official announcement was ever made.With the termination of Hamel and the weakening of Tartag , Gaid Salah consolidates all the powers. In fact, he has used the debate over the suitability of President Bouteflika to run for a fifth term as a cover to fire unfriendly elements and assign close aides to key positions in the armed forces and security services. Additionally, he is in the process of drafting a list of names of loyalists who would replace a number of current Governors. In his attempt to further intimidate his opponents, Gaid Salah has banned several of the dismissed generals from leaving the country. According to military sources cited in the Algerian press, general Nouba Menad, the powerful former chief of Gendarmerie Nationale ( a national police force that report to the military establishment) and the former heads of military regions I, II, IV and V  are barred from leaving Algeria. This strategy is a vehicle for the new boss to solidify his hold on power for yeas to come.The Vice Minister of Defense strategically chose the timing of Bouteflika’s medical visit to Switzerland to ram through his nominees. The partially paralyzed and seldom seen  President hardly seems in control of the events around him or able to manage such complex and calculated assignments.Gaid Salah’s supporters have been portraying these purges as an anti-corruption sweep in response to the seizure of a large cocaine shipment in the port the city of Oran. For the General, these changes are an attempt to de-politicize the ANP.In truth, with the removal of any potential rival and the assignment of loyalists to key security positions, General Gaid Salah has established a firm grip on the nation and silenced all opposition. He has decimated the Oujda Clan and sidelined Saïd Bouteflika, the President’s brother and a potential rival with presidential ambitions.Additionally, the chaos in Libya and the political uncertainty in Tunisia have emboldened Gaid Salah. He saw the region’s shifting geopolitics as an opportunity to ready his clan for power under a lame duck Bouteflika  5th term.Despite his likely success in re-electing Bouteflika as a President next year, Gaid Salah will remain vulnerable to social and political changes in Algeria and the Maghreb region. Although there is no genuine opposition to the military establishment, the gloomy economic forecast for Algeria has left many of its people bitter and disillusioned.Recent spate of terrorist  attacks and social protests have shown that Algeria faces real security and political  risks,  The ANP’s decision to back Bouteflika’s fifth mandate  is only exacerbating them.While fear of terrorism and extremism have historically forged a unified front in Algeria, a collapsing economy and the lack of a clear political agenda will likely fragment the opposition parties that have been “obeying” military orders.Proclaiming that the nation faces an existential threat from extremist groups backed by hidden hands (a term used in official propaganda to describe outside conspirators) who want to witness Algeria’s humiliation, the military backed Algerian regime continues to garner the blessing and the compliance of its citizens.As the General cleans house and prepare his troops for the “fifth term”, the International Monetary Fund has warned Algeria of dire economic consequences if the government does not implement real reforms. He may have the ANP under control but the rumblings of dissent in the country will, without a doubt, continue to grow. read more

Prosecutors submit introductory statements for UNbacked Khmer Rouge trials

The Co-Prosecutors of the Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia (ECCC), which is composed of national and international judges, filed their first Introductory Submission – a text containing facts that may constitute crimes, identifying people suspected to be responsible for those crimes and requesting the Co-Investigating Judges to probe those crimes and suspects. Based on their preliminary investigations, the Co-Prosecutors have identified and submitted for investigation 25 distinct factual situations of murder, torture, forcible transfer, unlawful detention, forced labour and religious, political and ethnic persecution, as evidence of the crimes committed during the period of Democratic Kampuchea, according to a press release from the ECCC.In support of their factual submissions, the Co-Prosecutors have transmitted more than 1,000 documents constituting more than 14,000 pages, including documents from over 350 witnesses, thousands of pages of documentation from the era of Democratic Kampuchea and the locations of more than 40 undisturbed mass graves.Under an agreement signed by the UN and Cambodia, the trial court and a Supreme Court within the Cambodian legal system will investigate those most responsible for crimes and serious violations of Cambodian and international law between 17 April 1975 and 6 January 1979. 18 July 2007Prosecutors working on the United Nations-backed trials of Cambodia’s former Khmer Rouge leaders, accused of mass killings and other horrific crimes during the late 1970s, today filed documents on cases of murder, torture and other serious crimes. read more

Court bans protests in Jaffna

The police had arrested 130 people following the violence and they were later remanded after being produced in court.Gunasekera said that anyone violating the court ban on protests in Jaffna will be arrested. Police spokesman ASP Ruwan Gunasekera said that the ban on protests was issued after information was received that some groups were going to stage protests demanding the release of 130 people arrested over the Jaffna violence. The Jaffna Magistrate has issued a stay order banning all types of protests in the Jaffna town, the police media unit said.The stay order was issued as a result of the violence which erupted in Jaffna this week during a protest against the alleged rape and murder of a girl in Jaffna. At least three groups were preparing to stage protests in Jaffna to demand the release of the 130 people. (Colombo Gazette) The police had to use tear gas to disperse the protesters who had damaged public property and had also pelted stones at the Jaffna court building. read more

Sudan UN concerned for 90000 displaced people after aid group asked to

Expressing his dismay at the decision against the Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC), UN Emergency Relief Coordinator Jan Egeland said it highlighted a trend of increasing constraints imposed upon humanitarian workers from the UN and NGOs, warning that the situation in Kalma camp would likely deteriorate as a result of the NRC being asked to go.“The NRC has been doing an excellent job, as acknowledged by not only its humanitarian partners and the donors but also by many local authorities. Kalma used to be a disorganized area…Thanks to the work of NRC and its UN and NGO partners, it’s now a well-managed camp where all the critical needs are being met, and tensions are managed effectively,” stated Mr. Egeland.“With no one to replace the NRC, I fear that conditions for the 90,000 people in the camp will worsen. Tensions are likely to rise among the IDPs who looked to NRC for help and to resolve problems, particularly with local authorities,” he added.“It is just one example of the rising levels of restrictions that the 14,000 aid workers in Darfur and in many other parts of Sudan face every day.”Such restrictions range from long delays in exit and re-entry visas for NGO staff, unjustified interference in the recruitment of staff, to delays clearing imported humanitarian goods and equipment.“The rise in these restrictions in recent months unfortunately reminds me of the early part of 2004. We must have the full cooperation of the Government at all levels to be able to carry out life-saving work in Darfur and other parts of Sudan. Those who will suffer the most if we don’t are the millions of Sudanese citizens who urgently need humanitarian relief,” Mr. Egeland warned.Secretary-General Kofi Annan is seeking to speak to Sudanese President Omar Hassan Ahmed al-Bashir after his Government refused permission for Mr. Egeland’s plane to land in the Darfur region on Sunday, at the start of what was to have been a five-day visit to Africa’s largest country, where the UN is heavily involved in trying both to ease the Darfur crisis and to promote the rehabilitation of the recently pacified South.Fighting in the Darfur region of western Sudan between the Government, pro-government militias and rebels has killed close to 200,000 people and uprooted 2 million. The UN Mission in Sudan (UNMIS) announced today a mini-summit will be held in the Nigerian capital Abuja on Saturday to discuss ways to speed up efforts to reach a peaceful solution to the conflict.Speaking in New York, a UN spokesman said that apart from Sudan, the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and Nigeria would also take part in the meeting, as would the Secretary-General’s Deputy Special Representative, Taye Zerihoun, and the Chairman of the African Union (AU) Commission. read more

FarRight and neoNazi terror arrests double

first_imgHe said: “The threat from extreme Right-wing terrorism in the UK is currently fragmented but the massacre perpetrated by Anders Breivik in Norway is a warning against underestimating the threat.“Both the Government and the courts treat the threat with the seriousness it deserves. Extreme Right-wing ideology can be just as murderous as its Islamist equivalent. A sophisticated network is not a prerequisite for mass slaughter.”A 17-year-old member of National Action was last month given a three-year youth rehabilitation order after building a homemade pipe bomb.The teenager from Bradford, who cannot be named, had also praised Mair online.The total tally of terror arrests, 260, was down by eight per cent on 2015. International terrorism, such as suspects linked to Islamic State in Iraq and Levant (Isil), accounted for 203 of the arrests.Earlier this week it was revealed that UK security services had foiled 13 potential attacks in less than four years, while counter-terror units were running more than 500 investigations at any time.The official threat level for international terrorism has stood at severe, meaning an attack is “highly likely”, for more than two years. Thomas Mair was sentenced to life for murdering Jo Cox MP in a Right-wing extremist attackCredit: HANDOUT Thomas Mair who has been convicted and sentenced to a full life sentence for murdering Member of Parliament Jo Cox outside her constituency office a week before Britain's referendum on membership of the EU, in Birstall near Leeds Terror arrests of suspected Right-wing extremists and neo-Nazis more than doubled last year amid fears of a growing threat of political violence from far-Right groups, new Home Office figures show.A total of 35 people were arrested on suspicion of “domestic” terrorism in 2016, which security sources said was dominated by threats from the far-Right.The arrests followed only 15 for domestic terrorism the previous year and come after a warning from the Government’s terrorism watchdog that far-Right extremists now account for one-in-four of those reported to counter-radicalisation schemes. A report from counter extremism campaign group Hope Not Hate, last month concluded there was “a growing risk of violence and even terrorism from ever smaller but more extreme far-Right groups”.In February, David Anderson QC, then the Government’s independent terror law watchdog, said far-Right terrorism could be as dangerous as Islamist violence.Extremists were also increasingly seeking to “feed off the tension” caused by Islamist terror to plan violence of their own, he warned. Figures also showed that one-in-three terrorism arrest suspects is now white, up from a quarter in 2015. The increase in domestic terrorism came as arrests for international terrorism including threats like Islamic State and al Qaeda fell slightly and arrests for Northern Ireland-related terrorism remained largely unchanged.A neo-Nazi group called National Action in December became the first extreme Right-wing group to be banned as a terrorist organisation.The anti-Semitic and white supremacist group had celebrated the murder of the Labour MP Jo Cox by Right-wing extremist Thomas Mair. Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings.last_img read more

Weir Minerals pumps set for installation at new Garpenberg facility

first_imgWeir Minerals has been selected to supply pumps and equipment for a new processing plant at Boliden’s Garpenberg operation in Sweden. The new plant is a replacement for an existing facility – an upgrade that will double capacity from 1.3 to 2.5 Mt of metal ores per year. Garpenberg is Sweden’s oldest mine and is still producing large quantities of zinc – along with smaller amounts of lead and silver. Weir Minerals will supply the majority of pumps for every application across the plant, requiring a wide range of types and sizes of units to handle the full spectrum of flow rates, pressure requirements and slurry consistencies.Delivery of the units will begin immediately, but installation and commissioning work is scheduled to take place from Spring to Autumn 2013. The contract follows the launch of Weir’s first service centre in Scandinavia in March 2012, and its acquisition in 2012 of belt-tensioning system manufacturer GEMEX, both of which played a significant part in securing the order. Tony Locke, Managing Director of Weir Minerals Europe said: “We have a long-standing relationship with Boliden and over the years have supplied equipment to their Aitik and Tara sites as well as the company’s first location in Boliden itself. However, this is by far our biggest agreement to date and it is the result of the increase in the breadth of our offering and the depth of our customer service support in recent years.”last_img read more

Irish people spending an average of €1000 while on holiday

first_imgIRISH HOLIDAYMAKERS ARE expecting to spend an average of €1,000 while on vacation this year, according to the latest data from KBC.The bank’s Saving’s Barometer indicates that 60 per cent of Irish people plan on taking a summer holiday hits year.Some 70 per cent of those going on holidays are saving specifically for the holiday itself and unsurprisingly savers are far more likely to take a holiday than those without a savings account.There’s no gender imbalance when it comes to taking a break with men and women equally as likely to go on holiday. However men expect to spend significantly more than women while on holiday; €1,158 as opposed to €858.Though most Irish holidaymakers save for their trip, 20 per cent plan to use their credit card and 5 per cent intend on taking out a loan to pay for it.Only 17 per cent of people plan to stay in Ireland for a ‘stayaction’ while almost one in three plan a sun holiday.Read: 10 tips for avoiding those excess baggage fees>Read: This is everything* you need to know about bringing your pet on holidays>last_img read more

Emery unsure if Ozil will play for Arsenal tonight

first_imgArsenal manager Unai Emery revealed that he is yet to make a final decision on whether Mesut Ozil will make a return to the team for tonight’s Europa League game with Qarabag FKThe German playmaker hasn’t featured for Arsenal since their 1-1 home draw against Wolves in the Premier League on November 11.Ozil has been struggling with back problems, but he’s been included in Emery’s 18-man squad for tonight’s Group E finale at the Emirates Stadium.Speaking on Wednesday, however, the Spanish coach would not confirm if Ozil will actually have any game time.Premier LeaguePremier League Betting: Match-day 5 Stuart Heath – September 14, 2019 Going into the Premier League’s match-day five with a gap already beginning to form at the top of the league. We will take a…“I don’t know,” said Emery on“Tomorrow he is in the group, there are 18 players in the squad for this match and I am going to decide if he plays tomorrow from the beginning or during the match in the 90 minutes.”Ozil has managed four goals and one assist in 12 appearances across all competitions for Arsenal this season.The Gunners’ Europa League match against Qarabag will begin at 21:00 (CET).last_img read more

New rules coming for sales of old vessels

first_imgState officials are finalizing rules that would put increased scrutiny on the sale of older, longer barges and ships in Washington.The Department of Natural Resources is preparing to roll out many of the new requirements later this year. Among the biggest changes: Anyone who owns a vessel that’s at least 40 years old and 65 feet long will have to provide documentation of a recent inspection before selling it or transferring ownership.The rules were created by a new law approved by the Washington Legislature in 2013. Many of them take effect July 1. And it was a costly mess on the Columbia River in 2011 that helped spur action, said Melissa Ferris, manager of DNR’s Derelict Vessel Removal Program.The botched dismantling of the derelict barge Davy Crockett spilled oil into the Columbia near Camas and prompted a complex cleanup that ultimately cost $22 million. In 2012, the fishing vessel Deep Sea caught fire and sank at Whidbey Island, costing the state $3 million to raise, remove and dispose of the ship.“That kind of created the political impetus to do something,” Ferris said of the two incidents.The rules pertaining to vessel inspections, which would apply to hundreds of vessels across the state, take effect July 1. Part of the goal is to prevent vessels from becoming derelict or abandoned, according to DNR. The agency hosted a series of open house meetings last week, including one in Vancouver.Some details are still being worked out. The original legislation stated that vessel inspections must happen within six months of a sale or transfer, for example, but that window may be shortened based on recent comments, said Lisa Randlette, a DNR environmental resources planner.last_img read more

CITU stages protest over sand supply

first_imgVijayawada: CITU Krishna district secretary M Mahesh on Thursday demanded that the government ensure that all the sand quarries in the district be open and allow supply of sand with immediate effect. He demanded that the government permit them to avail the sand from sand reaches located at Ferry, Guntupalli and Surayapalem. The members of building construction workers staged a protest and demanded for release of sand for their livelihood as the workers are already in serious financial problems as the construction works came to a halt. Mahesh asked Chief Minister YS Jaganmohan Reddy how the construction workers will live without work till the government adopts the new sand policy in September. He further demanded that the government immediately make alternative arrangements for supply of sand to provide livelihood to the construction workers.last_img read more

MS Dhonis batting angers Sourav Ganguly and Nasser Hussain Twitterati also unhappy

first_imgMS Dhoni will be key to India’s chances in the 2019 World CupMike Owen/Getty ImagesCommentators Nasser Hussain and Sourav Ganguly were left scratching their heads after a strange innings from Mahendra Singh Dhoni where he hardly made an attempt to chase down England’s big score after the wicket of Hardik Pandya. At that stage, India needed 71 off 31 balls but MSD seemed to give up and hardly attempted anything out of the ordinary. Towards the end of the innings, he was just taking singles and looked to be content turning the strike over to an unsettled Kedar Jadhav. As the required run-rate went through the roof, commentators Nasser Hussain and Sourav Ganguly expressed their inability to understand the tactics of MS Dhoni. Hussain seemed exasperated. “I am completely baffled,” the former England captain said and said to his commentary partner: “It’s over to you to explain what is happening.”He also reminded everyone of a similar performance from MSD in the bilateral series between these two sides last year in England where, in the second match of the series, Dhoni seemed to give up the chase after the required run-rate became too high and needed a message from the dressing room to attempt big strokes.Ganguly didn’t directly criticise Dhoni but his words seemed directed towards him. “The team has to make a decision whether they are just happy not getting out or are looking to win. The message has to go out that they should keep attempting big shots even if they get out. You can’t have a team losing in a chase with 5 wickets in hand,” he said.A little later, when Dhoni casually tapped the ball into the off side for a single, Dada said to his co-commentator: “I have no explanation for this. You asked me to explain what is happening, I can’t.”Hussain pointed to the large number of Indian fans and said Dhoni should provide something for them. “There are so many Indian fans here, they are leaving now. Surely Indian fans will want to see Dhoni have a go.”The fans and other experts also seemed perplexed by this strategy and expressed their anguish on Twitter. Here are some of the reactions.Unbelievable batting by Dhoni.. didnt even try to win it…even Pandiya lost it in the end before he got out…commentators cant beleive it.. fans cant believe it…— Shahzeb Khanzada (@shazbkhanzdaGEO) June 30, 2019Everyone to Dhoni and Jadhav: #INDvENG— V (@virajkulhari) June 30, 2019In the last over Dhoni tried to hit four & Sixes, why not 5 over before? We had 5 wickets in hand,what stopped dhoni & Jhaadav for even trying?Completely surrendered & one of worst lack of Intent every displayed on a cricket field. Dear @imVkohli ball is in ur court now #INDvsENG— Sumit kadel (@SumitkadeI) June 30, 2019#indiavsEnglandIndian cricket fans waiting for Dhoni and Kedar Jadhav— Bharat (@bharatdevre) June 30, 2019#Dhoni dhoni time to retire.— Golden fan (@Pnb75174894) June 30, 2019Pakistan : Why Dhoni is taking singles at this stage ?Indian Fans : ? #INDvENG— Nasir Ahmad (@ClarkMichle) June 30, 2019only the single MAJOR helped india to got pakistan out of the world cup #indvseng #Dhoni— muhazzib_chawlein (@iamchawal) June 30, 2019So, Lt Col MS Dhoni has done a successful surgical strike against Pakistan.#INDvENG #indiavsEngland— Manιѕн Kυмar (@iamanish__) June 30, 2019Dhoni fans right now ? ?#ENGvIND #CWC19 #— The Guy || (@Awara_Raaz_) June 30, 2019Dhoni was not taking chances in the end because he didn’t want to get out and decrease his average #INDvENG— sarcastic_ su-myth (@ft_sumyth) June 30, 2019Dhoni is a real patriot, single handedly ensured that Pakistan is out from the World Cup. ?????— Maithun (The Fauxy) (@Being_Humor) June 30, 2019last_img read more

From Trailers To Tents What Happens To Leftover Aid Supplies

first_img Share FEMAFEMA disaster relief trailers in storage.FEMA is planning to sell off thousands of leftover trailer homes in Texas.The Federal Emergency Management Agency sent the trailers for temporarily homeless families after Hurricane Harvey struck in August 2017. But not all of them were used. Now FEMA is auctioning the leftovers online to the public with a minimum bid of $100 for trailers that range from 1 bedroom units, valued at $57,354, to 3-bedroom units with a value of $70,965.This practice is controversial (more on that later).And it brings up the question: What happens to surplus humanitarian aid?Bassam Michel Ibrahim, head of global logistics for the Norwegian Refugee Council, an international aid group, says that a surplus of humanitarian supplies should be a rare occurrence. In his experience, relief organizations are consistently up against a lack of funding and a lack of supplies.According to Ibrahim, aid missions usually go through an intense planning process to ensure that all supplies are delivered and used as intended. This detailed process allows aid groups to report to their donors exactly how their money is being used, and it means there are almost never leftovers.If there is a surplus, Ibrahim says it’s usually because problems arise that are outside of their control – like conflict breaking out or a landslide cutting off the only road to a village – that prevent them from delivering the aid.Nonetheless, surpluses do occur.Guillaume Brumagne, a logistics supervisor at Doctors Without Borders, says that the medical aid group deals with leftover supplies on a regular basis because their teams bring a lot of items – including drugs, medical equipment and shelters – when they arrive in a country to address a health crisis. Once the crisis is over and it’s time to scale down, they must figure out what to do with what’s left.“The general rule within [Doctors Without Borders] is always to try to see how can these items benefit another partner within the country,” says Brumagne.Brumagne says that whether the item is a used tent or unused medical equipment, they try to donate it to a similar actor in the area – possibly the ministry of health, a local health clinic or another medical charity. If they can’t find someone in the medical field who can use the item, they donate it in a way that still helps the local population. For example, Doctors Without Borders has donated tents to create more classroom space for schools.The one thing they try to avoid is giving supplies to someone who will then sell them.“The foundation of what we do is bringing aid to people that is completely free, accessible and without any kind of discrimination,” Brumagne says. “Even if in the end we don’t use the aid ourselves, we want to find a way for it to benefit the people it’s supposed to benefit, without them having to pay for it.”Both Ibrahim and Brumagne say they’ve never seen a reason to sell aid instead of donate it.“Why would we?” says Ibrahim. “There are always more needs than we are able to meet.”Other aid agencies, including those that are part of the U.S. government, also try to donate surplus property from disaster relief efforts. But in some instances, as in Texas, arms of the U.S. government do sell things off. In fact, there are official channels for them to do so, whether the excess supplies are trailer homes, tents, office supplies or other items. According to the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA), federal agencies may sell unneeded property to the public through GSA’s auction system if no other government agencies or qualified voluntary organizations are interested in it.The official policy FEMA sent NPR says that when the agency’s trailer homes are deemed “unsuitable for disaster survivors elsewhere,” FEMA can either put them up for auction or sell them to the current occupants.In the wake of Hurricane Harvey, FEMA was criticized for selling trailer homes at “cut-rate prices after 18 months of use or the first sign of minor damage.” Since then, the agency has said they sell mobile homes at an “adjusted fair market value,” not cut-rate prices or for pennies on the dollar. The official policy that FEMA provided to NPR does not address at what age or in what condition the units are put up for sale.Although the U.S. government willingly sells certain disaster-relief supplies, regulations prohibit the sale of government-issued military and humanitarian meal rations. So if you see them offered by an online retailer, for prices like $100 for a case of 10 meals on eBay, they’re likely being sold by the recipients themselves by the company that makes them.Janet Nelson, who co-owns – an Oregon-based company that sells emergency supplies – says her company only carries overstock humanitarian daily rations from manufacturers. When the government doesn’t purchase the entire order placed with a manufacturer, the manufacturer repackages the kits for civilian use and sells them to dealers like Nelson’s company. She says the last time they sold humanitarian daily rations was right after Hurricane Katrina.And then there are the reports that FEMA tents were used at the failed Fyre Festival – a luxury music festival held on a Bahamian island in April 2017 that quickly spiraled into an epic fail, from lodging to meals to security.The mainstream media and social media widely reported that leftover FEMA disaster-relief tents were the accommodation for festival-goers, who spent thousands of dollars to attend.That claim is repeated in two new documentaries about the festival.But that’s not the case. Clay Kimsey, a sales representative for the manufacturer (Shelter Systems) says the tents were purchased brand-new through a third-party vendor that was “not any type of humanitarian group.”“Yes, those were our structures,” he says, and they have on occasion sold their tents to relief organizations and government agencies. In the case of the Fyre Festival, they were sold for recreational use at an event that turned out to be a disaster.Joanne Lu is a freelance journalist who covers global poverty and inequity. Her work has appeared in Humanosphere, The Guardian, Global Washington and War is Boring. Follow her on Twitter: @joanneluCopyright 2019 NPR. To see more, visit read more

Louisville Falls at Virginia Tech

first_img Next Game: at Virginia Tech 3/31/2019 | 1:00 p.m. NOTES: The fourth inning brought five more runs for Virginia Tech who capitalized on four hits and an error to bring the score to 10-1. A walk and an error put runners on for Kelsey Bennett’s three-run homer. A double and a single set up Meredith Slaw’s two-run double. Story Links Preview Live Stats The University of Louisville softball team fell 10-1 in five innings to No. 24/19 Virginia Tech in the second game of an ACC series Saturday afternoon at Tech Softball Park. The teams will meet in the rubber game Sunday at 1 p.m. Senior Sidney Melton went 3-for-3 with a double and sophomore Kyra Snyder connected on a home run to lead the Cardinals 22-11, 4-4 ACC) at the plate, but errors combined with a powerful Hokie offense proved to be costly as Virginia Tech (29-5, 9-2) evened the series. Sophomore Kyra Snyder smashed a solo shot over the left field fence to put the Cardinals on the scoreboard in the fourth.  center_img Matchup History Virginia Tech 10 – Louisville 1 Watch Live Full Schedule Roster Senior Megan Hensley (9-1) took the loss after giving up five runs, one earned, on five hits in 1.1 innings of work. The series between Louisville and Virginia Tech is now tied at 7-7. Snyder pushed her hitting streak to five games and has reached safely via a hit or walk in eight straight contests. Melton is currently on a five-game hitting streak. Freshman Rebecca Chung leads the team with a .351 batting average and 23 RBIs. After a scoreless first inning, the Hokies used four hits and two errors to put up a five-spot in the second. Jayme Bailey’s leadoff home run put Virginia Tech on the scoreboard. A walk, an error and a hit loaded the bases to get the home half of the inning started. A defensive miscue, followed by a walk and back-to-back singles extended the lead to 5-0.  Print Friendly Versionlast_img read more

Westworld Picks Up its Pace as Hosts Become SelfAware

first_img Top Movie and TV Trailers to Watch From SDCC 2019Eerie ‘Westworld’ Season 3 Trailer Introduces Newcomer Aaron… After the big reveal at the end of last week’s episode, it’s understandable that you might have some questions. For once, right at the top of this week’s show, Dr. Ford gives us some answers. As he tells Bernard to bring himself online, Bernard begins to experience guilt and grief over killing Theresa. Ford tells Bernard to be proud of his emotions. He says that when the human engineers of the park couldn’t create complex emotions for hosts Ford built someone who could: Bernard.Ford says he had Theresa killed to stop corporate from taking away the world he had created. When Bernard threatens to kill Ford and burn the whole park down, Ford reveals that Arnold had threatened something similar. Did Ford have Arnold killed? Before we can dwell on that, Ford has Bernard destroy all the evidence of their involvement in Theresa’s death. He then erases Bernard’s memory of what happened, including his relationship with Theresa, allowing Bernard to go about his business as usual.Maeve is back in the brothel, where the player piano is treating us to an awesome rendition of “The House of the Rising Sun.” Maeve is wary of interacting with the new host who’s replaced Clementine. She begins having memories of her former life as the mother of a little girl. She asks Felix and Sylvester what happened, and they tell her her exceptionally clear memories are happening more often because she altered her mind. She insists that she’s going to escape the park and demands administrative privileges to recruit an army of hosts to help.Maeve (Thandie Newton) has no time for the new Clementine (Lili Simmons). (Credit: John P. Johnson/HBO)William and Dolores come across a field of bodies, attacked by the ghost nation. They find a man who’s still breathing and Dolores gives him water. William figures out that they’re confederados who were going to ambush them. He also figures out that Logan sent the order. So Logan’s a griefer who’s in it to ruin other people’s fun. He’s like the grown up version of that 12-year-old in Call of Duty who just learned to swear. William wants to leave the man, but Dolores insists they take care of him and fetches more water. At the river, she sees a vision of her own dead body face-down in the water and hears a voice say “find me.” When she returns to William, the man is dead.Meanwhile, Ashley Stubbs has found Theresa’s body in the park, with a transmitter containing proprietary information nearby. He reasons that she was trying to smuggle data out via the Woodcutter host. When that failed, she tried to do it herself, only to slip and fall to her death. Charlotte doesn’t quite buy it. She says Theresa was more careful than this. When she brings up Theresa’s objections to Ford’s new narrative, Ford reveals that Clementine’s code had been altered for the demonstration in last week’s episode. Ford uses the hoax to take away Q.A.’s control over the hosts and give it to himself and Bernard, whose position is reinstated.Dr. Ford (Anthony Hopkins) helps Bernard (Jeffrey Wright) forget. (Credit: John P. Johnson/HBO)The investigation makes Sylvester nervous about letting Maeve mess around with her personality. He tells her that to escape the park, she would need to make impossible revisions to her core code. She says she’s found dormant parts of her code that she can’t access and asks who Arnold is. She asks them to take her to behavior so she can access the deeper levels of her code. Sylvester wants to get Maeve up there only to wipe her mind completely. Felix isn’t so into the idea, saying she’s alive.They take her to behavior and shut her down to access her core code. Felix is about to reformat her, but he doesn’t. Maeve later wakes up on the table and slashes Sylvester’s throat to show exactly what they changed. Not only can she kill, she can lie about killing. She tells Felix to save his life, as they will need him. She goes back to the brothel to recruit her army. Back in the brothel, it’s revealed that she can now manipulate hosts into doing whatever she wants. Maeve empties out the brothel just before the outlaws come in to shoot the place up. She stops them from being killed in the shootout, ensuring they all survive the ordeal.During a conversation with Ford, Bernard asks what the difference is between himself and a human. Ford says that’s the same question that troubled Arnold towards the end. He’s about to put Bernard’s mind at ease by erasing the knowledge that he is a host. Before he does, Bernard asks if Ford has had him kill anyone before. Ford says no, of course not. Bernard has a flash of memory revealing that that’s not true.Charlotte (Tessa Thompson) and Lee (Simon Quarterman) poke around. (Credit: John P. Johnson/HBO)Charlotte talks to Lee, who thinks Ford has asked him to create the villain of his new narrative. Charlotte calls it busywork and tells him that Theresa wasn’t a traitor. She was transmitting park data to the company when she died. Charlotte then gives Lee a new job. She needs him to make up a story that will get hosts containing proprietary data out of the park.Teddy and The Man in Black continue the search for Wyatt, when Teddy starts to have some memories of his own. He begins to have flashbacks to the night The Man in Black killed him. Before he can process that, they come across some bodies on the road. The Man in Black questions a woman who was left alive and finds out Wyatt’s men did it. as Teddy cuts her free, The Man is attacked by a member of Wyatt’s crew, wearing a bull’s skin. During the ensuing fight, Teddy remembers The Man in Black dragging Dolores into her barn. After killing Wyatt’s man, Teddy knocks The Man in Black out.Dolores, meanwhile, finds the place from her memory. She suddenly finds herself in a town surrounded by hosts being taught to dance. A little girl asks if she’s found what she’s looking for. The hosts start getting shot Dolores sees herself doing the shooting. Just as she turns the gun on herself, William brings her out of the vision. Dolores is distressed that she doesn’t know what’s real anymore. She was hoping to find Arnold so he could tell her. Teddy assures her that he’s real and they’re together. They see a group of men riding up to them. Logan and the confederados have caught up to them.The Man in Black (Ed Harris) fights one of Wyatt’s men. (Credit: John P. Johnson/HBO)We finally learn more about The Man in Black. In the real world, he’s a good man who helps people, or was until his wife overdosed on some pills and died. His daughter said his wife killed herself, fearing the man he really was. His good deeds served to hide the monster inside. To prove her wrong, he came to the park. He tried to see how much of a monster he really was. He met Maeve in her past life and killed her and her daughter. Maeve didn’t die though, and attacked him with a knife. This was the moment when Maeve started to become alive. As she collapsed to the ground, the outline of the maze appeared around her.As the episode ends, Maeve tries to escape the brothel, only to start remembering what happened with her daughter. She runs to her bedroom only to find the park’s extraction team closing in around her. After the Man in Black finishes telling his story, Teddy tries to shoot him, but can’t. The woman they saved stabs Teddy with an arrow revealing herself to be a trap. She works for Wyatt and is there to bring Teddy back into the fold.The first half of the season had a very slow, deliberate pace that didn’t reveal anything about the park for fear of giving too much away. That seems to have changed as we draw closer to the end of the first season. (Only two episodes left! What are we going to do with our Sunday nights?) As the hosts become more self aware, we’re learning more about what they can and can’t do and the show is finally delving into the question of when an A.I. becomes human. While there was no gigantic revelation in this episode, each character’s story moved forward in a satisfying way. Finding out the exact nature of the maze is probably still a long ways off (and probably won’t happen in season one), but every character has ended up in such a fascinating place that it doesn’t matter. Man, I’m going to miss this show when it goes on hiatus. Stay on targetlast_img read more

IT policy looks to transform Bengal into techproficient welfare society

first_imgKolkata: The Information Technology (IT) policy of the Mamata Banerjee government is aimed at transforming Bengal into a knowledge driven, technologically enabled welfare society, with extensive use of IT for increasing employment opportunities and promoting the state as a preferred investment destination.Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee had formally unveiled the IT policy of the state government on Monday, from the venue of the foundation stone laying ceremony of Silicon Valley IT hub at New Town, which was made available on the website of the state IT&E department on Tuesday.”Our emphasis will be on harnessing emerging technologies to be amongst the top global performers in IT and to spread relevant skillsets in expanding the workplace to areas such as digital marketing, 3D printing, animation, gaming, data analysis, big data and contributing to the electronic value chain. We will forge partnerships for promoting emerging technologies and PPP will be encouraged,” a senior official of the state IT department said.In a significant step to attract the IT companies in the state, the IT department will offer specific fiscal incentives that include 50 percent waiver of property tax for a period of 12 years (as per section 102B of West Bengal Municipal Act 1993) and extra 15 percent Floor Area Ratio (FAR) for IT buildings.”The Incentive Policies offered by the state department of Commerce and Industry and MSME department will be followed mutatis mutandis,” the official maintained.The fiscal incentives assume significance with the Mamata Banerjee government averse to special economic zone (SEZ) status for land to the IT players.”There will be an innovation platform to highlight the achievement of local companies and their cutting-edge research in the field of IT&E will be recognised. We are also coming up with a Centre for Innovation at Bantala, known as Sector VI in the administrative parlance,” the official added.The government is already focusing on creating clusters and hubs on analytics, fintech, animation, hardware etc.last_img read more

4th of July Picnic Pride Parade Calypso Festival and other happenings around

first_imgRelated posts:A tattoo convention, Russian ballet and other happenings around Costa Rica A golf tournament, 100 interventions and other happenings around Costa Rica Final World Cup showdown, viral theater, and other happenings around Costa Rica Christmas cheer, oxcart parades, and other happenings around Costa Rica Fourth of July PicnicHot dogs! Games! “The Star-Spangled Banner”! Celebrate Independence Day with the U.S. expat community on the grassy outskirts of San José. Hosted by The American Colony Committee, the Fourth of July Picnic has been a beloved annual celebration since 1961. Read more about this all-American event here.The picnic takes place July 4 at the Cervercería Nacional, near the Juan Santamaría International Airport, outside San José. Gates open from 9 a.m.–1 p.m., entrance costs ₡5,000 ($10). For more information, visit the American Colony website.World Cup: Costa Rica vs. GreeceCosta Rica begins a new round at the World Cup by battling Greece this Sunday. Time to bust out that vuvuzela.The game starts at 2 p.m. Visit designated “fan zones” in the Plaza de la Democracia or Avenida Escazú for public hi-def screenings. Check out all of our World Cup coverage by clicking on the hashtag #Brazil 2014.LGBT Pride ParadeCelebrate sexual diversity at this massive, all-inclusive event. The parade features floats, music, and ornate costumes. Read our preview here.Parade takes place June 29 on Paseo Colón, downtown San José. 10 a.m. Free.Canada DayIt was on July 1, 1867, three British colonies united to become Canada. While “Le Fête du Canada” doesn’t receive a massive celebration, and the Canadian Embassy already had a private celebration on July 27, consider sending kind words to your favorite Canadian expat.Canada Day takes place July 1.Music: Sonámbulo Psícotropical and 11:11Costa Rica’s favorite tropical jam band plays El Observatorio in San José, with amazing indie upstarts 11:11 opening. If you haven’t seen 11:11, check ’em out!Concert is June 27 at El Observatorio, Los Yoses, 9 p.m. Entry: ₡3,000 ($6). Info: Facebook event page. Courtesy the BioFestivalMusic: BioFestival 2014This festival incorporates both music and environmental workshops in the Caribbean slope town of Pococí. Catch the last two days of this green-themed event.Festival continues through June 29 at Casa de la Cultura in Pococí, Guapiles, Limón Province. Free. Fri., 8 a.m. – 10 p.m.; Sat., 7 a.m. – 7 p.m.; Sun., 12 p.m. Info: RedCultura site.Music: Vocal RinseA cappella sextet Enjuague Vocal plays three-night engagement in Jacó.Enjuague Vocal performs June 27-29 at Teatro Jacó, downtown Jacó, Puntarenas. Fri. & Sat., 8 p.m.; Sun., 7 p.m. General, ₡5,000 ($10). Residents and Students, ₡3,500 ($7). Info: Teatro Jacó website.Music: Music FestivalThanks to the phone app “,” San José hipster club Steinvorth hosts eclectic musical artists this weekend, including Zópilot!, Sr. Tijeras, Passiflora, and Music Festival plays June 28 at El Steinvorth, downtown San José. 9 p.m. ₡3,000 ($6). Info: Steinvorth website. Courtesy Festival CalypsoMusic: Second International Calypso FestivalOne of the Caribbean’s most revered musical genres gets center stage this weekend, thanks to the International Calypso Festival. Artists include Johnny Dixon, Cantoamérica, Calypso Limón Legends, and many more.Festival performs July 4-6 at the Alfredo Gonzales Flores Park, Cahuita, Limón Province. Musicians perform all day. Free. Info: Event Facebook page.Theater: “The Sad Girl and the Madman”This drama won Best Latin American Play at the Escena Viva theater festival. Catch this Spanish-language production produced by The National Theater Company.“El Loco y La Triste” performs June 27-29 at Teatro 1887, downtown San José. Fri. & Sat., 8 p.m.; Sun., 7 p.m. ₡4,000 ($8). Info: RedCultura.Theater: “The Drummer” Children’s FestivalThis children’s festival incorporates puppets, skits and storytelling. The story takes its name from Juan Santamaría, Costa Rica’s famous war hero and drummer boy.El Tamborcillo Festival performs June 29 – July 13 at the Juan Santamaría Museum, Alajuela. Daily at 6 p.m. ₡500 ($1). Info: RedCultura.Good Deeds: Reusable Bag Day at Auto MercadoBring a reusable shopping bag to Auto Mercado to help the environment.Auto Mercado will encourage reusable bags on Sat., June 28.More Good Deeds: Animal Rescue CollectionDrop off food, medicine, pet shampoos, and anything else that might help our furry friends. Hosted by Rescate Animal.Collection takes place June 27 at the Law School, UCR Campus, San Pedro. 9 a.m. – 4 p.m. Info: Rescate Animal Facebook page.Art: “Dirty Game”Costa Rican artist José Miguel Rojas González explores the nature of winning and losing in this subversive series.“Juego Sucio” continues through Oct. 11 at the Central Bank Museum, Plaza de la Cultura, San José. 9 a.m.–5 p.m. ₡5,500 ($11). Info: Museos Banco Central website. Courtesy the Central Cultural de EspañaExhibit: “Cathedrals of Soccer”This photographic exhibit illustrates the beauty of the soccer field – not the game itself, but the stadiums where games take place.“Catedrales del Fútbol” continues through Aug. 1 at the Spanish Cultural Center, Barrio Escalante. Mon.-Thu., 8 a.m.–4 p.m.; Fri., 8 a.m.–2 p.m. Free. Info: Centro Cultural de España website.Theater: “Run for Your Wife”What’s worse than one dysfunctional marriage? How about two? Teatro El Triciclo presents this polygamous farce by Ray Cooney. See how the jokes translate in a Spanish-language production.“¡Corre Por Tu Mujer!” plays at Plaza Tempo, Barrio Lujan, San José. Fri. & Sat., 8 p.m.; Sun., 7 p.m. ₡5,000 ($10). Info: Teatro El Triciclo website.Art: “The Day We Became Contemporary”The Museum of Contemporary Art and Design celebrates 20 years of cutting-edge arts with a comprehensive, retrospective showcase.“El Día Que Nos Hicimos Contemporáneos” continues through Sept. 5 at the Museum of Contemporary Art and Design, Downtown San José. Mon.-Fri., 9 a.m.–5 p.m. Residents ₡1,000 ($2), foreigners ₡1,500 ($3), students ₡500 ($1). Info: MADC website.Drawings by Fernando CarballoMaster draftsman displays his diverse body of work at Casa del Artista.Exhibit continues through June 30 at Casa del Artista, Guadalupe. Mon.-Fri., 8 a.m.–8 p.m.; Sat., 8 a.m.–4 p.m. Free. Info: Official website.Art: “A Family Portrait of Helvetica”This dual exhibit features a fascinating exploration on the typeface Helvetica, by artist Mimiam Hsu.“Retrato Familiar en Helvética” and “Ojalá el Sol Me Esconda” display through June 28 TEOR/éTica Gallery, Barrio Amón. Free. Info: TEOR/éTica website.Art: Great Painters ExhibitPaintings by Picasso, Matisse, Renoir and Andy Warhol arrive in Costa Rica. Presented by the National Gallery, this collection incorporates 158 artworks and celebrates the 20th anniversary of the Costa Rican Center of Science and Culture, based in the former penitentiary.“Herencia del Arte” takes place April 28–June 28 at the National Gallery in Barrio México. Mon.-Fri., 8:30 a.m.–4:30 p.m.; Sat. & Sun., 9:30 a.m.–5 p.m. Free. Info: National Gallery website.Theater: “Journey to the Center of the Earth”The classic Jules Verne science-fiction story receives an innovative Spanish-language adaptation at Teatro Espressivo. Enjoy this family-friendly afternoon adventure.“Viaje al Centro de la Tierra” takes place May 8-July 13, Teatro Espressivo, Tres Ríos, Cartago. Sat. & Sun., 3 p.m. ₡6,000 ($12). Info: Teatro Espressivo website.Theater: “Baroque Café”A variety of Spanish-language one-act plays make up this comic revue.“Café Barroco” takes place through July 6, Teatro Espressivo, Tres Ríos, Cartago. Fri. & Sat., 8 p.m.; Sun., 6 p.m. ₡5,000-10,000 ($10-20). Info: Teatro Espressivo website.Enamorate de tu ciudadYes, you can get gaga for San José – especially when the Culture Ministry is sponsoring Enamorate de tu ciudad, or Fall in Love With Your City, a year-long celebration of art, culture and urban parks. Check back for games, workshops, presentations and surprise performances.Fall in Love with Your City takes place on Saturdays in various parks in downtown San José. 9 a.m.-5 p.m. Free. Info: Enamorate de tu Ciudad website. Facebook Commentslast_img read more

AFTA markets agents

first_imgAustralian Federation of Travel Agents (AFTA) has unveiled its latest marketing images, urging agents to use the photos which promote the benefits of booking and organising travel with agents.Incorporating the slogan, ‘Without an AFTA travel agent, you’re on your own’, the marketing images focuses on couple retreats and the possible consequence of arranging flights and accommodation online. The ‘Before… Afta’ theme depicts a couple on their honeymoon disappointed by the hotel they booked alone, compared to the ‘Afta travel agent’ experience which has them enjoying their romantic holiday. The images and slogan collaborate to “highlight the point that booking through an AFTA travel agent will ensure that your travel needs are met”, an AFTA statement read.Images can used for marketing purposes after submitting a request form located on the AFTA website. Source = e-Travel Blackboard: N.Jlast_img read more

Maronites ponder their return home

first_imgWhen the first crossings opened in 2003, Antonis Emmanuel thought long and hard about the options he might now have. Despite the surge of hope that greeted the announcement, it was by no means clear where the decision to open the crossings might lead.Born in 1956 in the Maronite village of Ayia Marina, what Antonis did know was that he wanted to go back there while his mother, 90-year-old Vasilou Solomi Ahmeti, was still alive.But the village, located 24 kilometres north-west of Nicosia, had been occupied by the Turkish army and no Maronite had had access to it since 1974.Antonis had been forced to take early retirement because of health issues. Now, determined to fulfil a heart-felt dream, he took matters into his own hands and set about renting a small caravan on the northern coast.View of Ayia Marina in springtimeThis became his base, as he began spending more and more time in the Ayia Marina area, exploring the village surroundings and familiarising himself anew with the flora and fauna of the area.An expert on Cyprus plants, he would wander in the fields gathering wild asparagus, artichokes, mushrooms, leeks and many other edible plants, carrying them back to his home on wheels where he cooked up countless savoury traditional meals. It wasn’t long before word of his culinary skills and his hospitality spread.“What Antonis did was a great example of so-called gastronomic diplomacy,” says Mete Hatay, a Prio consultant who often participated in Antonis’ gatherings.“He cooked well and opened his doors to everybody, Turkish Cypriot politicians, Turkish generals, international diplomats, UN officials, they all came and ate in his place. And Antonis kept on talking… not about politics but about his love for his land, his mother and her wish to be buried there, his dream to go rebuild his house there. He talked and people listened.”The annual Ayia Marina celebration on July 17, 1965Among Cyprus’ four Maronite villages, Aya Marina was unique. Pre-1963, its population had been mixed. Then the intercommunal troubles forced the Turkish Cypriot community to abandon their houses. Like Antonis, Ayia Marina’s Turkish Cypriots also harboured hopes of returning home. Time and again, members of the ousted community would raise the matter of their eventual return with Turkish Cypriot officialdom. Some years back, the Turkish military informed them it would rebuild the village mosque that had been destroyed by an earthquake in 1953.The Turkish Cypriots of Ayia Marina welcomed the offer but, according to Turkish Cypriot journalist Raif Hizal whose family originates from Ayia Marina, they made clear that the village’s Maronite church should be restored too.“Of course, we had to say it,” he explains. “I think it is very important – having the mosque and church together in our village. It has nothing to do with the religion. It is part of our culture.”The Maronites and Turkish Cypriots of Ayia Marina share deep roots that go back at least five generations. Intermarriage and mixed families were not uncommon.104-year-old Vasilou Ahmeti with her son Antonis and Archbishop Youssef Soueif at the church inauguration in JuneNow 104 years old, Antonis’ mother Vasilou is the grand-daughter of Ahmeti, a Turkish Cypriot who married a Maronite. He and his wife had five children, two being raised Turkish Cypriot and three Maronite.Ahmeti’s great granddaughter Lella Ioannou recalls for the Sunday Mail the old man’s Solomon-like pronouncement when, old and sick, the question of his burial became a matter of dispute within the family.“He called his Maronite children and told them: ‘I will give you my soul but please let my Muslim children have my body’,” she says.Once the troubles started in 1963, she points out how Turkish Cypriots had to flee from threatened actions by Greek Cypriot paramilitaries from neighbouring villages. “Brothers and sisters were separated – some never to see one another again.”Hizal’s family – his newly married parents and his grandfather Mustafa, a Turkish Cypriot muhtar of Ayia Marina who was related to the Ahmetis – were among those forced to flee.Hizal himself was born several years later while his parents lived in a Turkish Cypriot enclave in Phota. Later, the family moved to Skylloura, not far from Ayia Marina, linking up with many other Turkish Cypriots from the village.Hizal hopes to rebuild his grandfather’s house in the village, which was burnt down in the 1963. However, his biggest dream is to see Antonis and his mother re-installed in Ayia Marina in keeping with their wishes. Acknowledging their frailty, he says“I really want to see them there.”Village life in the mid-20th centuryLast month’s announcement by the Turkish Cypriot authorities that discussions have opened about facilitating the Maronites return to their villages Asomatos, Karpasha and Ayia Marina, has brought such dreams and wishes a huge step closer.Despite raised hopes and expectations, Hizal is realistic about the many problems to be surmounted if the village-return initiative is to be fully realised. Foremost is the lack of funds for rebuilding and revitalising all three Maronite villages, designated to be re-opened by the Turkish army to their original inhabitants.“We all know that Turkish Cypriot authorities don’t have money. So who is going to fund it? I hope that the EU will offer some money and Turkey as well,” he speculates.The how and the when as much as the “if” are the dominant topics at Maronite gatherings nowadays.“We are all discussing what to do,” says a member of the community who wants to remain incognito. “People are worried. The government [RoC] puts a lot of pressure on our leaders to say that we won’t go back but how can they expect us not to go back? We had a meeting of the residents of our village a couple of days ago and some people are very scared but others say they will go no matter what.“The truth is right now everything is still very fluid… we are stepping into the unknown,” he continues. “We don’t know what the Turkish Cypriots will offer us, what will the rules be for resettlement? Nor do we know what the Greek Cypriots will do? Will they support us when we go there? Will they keep in place the financial incentive scheme that helps Maronite families who opt to resettle in the north?”The scheme that he refers to has been set up by the RoC government for both the Maronites and the Greek Cypriots from Rizokarpasso. It includes financial assistance provisions for those who decide to return. To date, more than 150 people, mostly from Kormakitis, the biggest Maronite village in the north and the only one without a Turkish military presence, have applied for this support,“The scheme is very important for people who want to go back. There are no jobs in Kormakitis so this money helps them a lot,” says Antonis Hadjiroussos, the former Maronite representative in parliament.Hadjiroussos stresses that the Maronite community has been requesting that the Turkish army departs from the villages of Ayia Marina, Asomatos and Karpasha for a very long time.“We have talked about it with everybody – the United Nations, the Turks, the friendly countries in the region, including Lebanon, and, of course, the Pope.” Many promises were made “but nothing came of them – now suddenly it has happened.”He remains sanguine and pragmatic in face of the development.“Whether it is a good timing for us or the Greek Cypriot community, I don’t know. And whether it is to the political advantage of Turkey I am not in a position to analyse either. But it is a positive development for the demilitarisation of our villages. It is positive for our community.“As for the fact that the villages will remain under the Turkish Cypriot administration. I take it as a temporary measure until the solution is found,” he adds.Hadjiroussos thinks the other Maronite villages in the north should be granted the same status as Kormakitis, his family’s village. This model established by the Turkish Cypriot authorities in 2005 allows Kormakitians the right to inherit their land as well as use, rent or sell it, subject to certain conditions.Hadjiroussos allows that the scheme, while not ideal and certainly improvable, goes some way towards meeting the needs of the Maronite community as a whole.Others are less amenable and more vocal in their expectations of the authorities in the north.Ringing the church bell at the inauguration in June of the Ayia Marina church restored by Technical Committee on Cultural HeritageAt a recent community meeting which the Sunday Mail attended one participant said: “If we are to settle there we need the same rights we have in the south. We cannot be second-class citizens. Right now there are lots of things I cannot do in the north. Some are very simple. For example, I cannot go fishing or hunting. I will be arrested if I try. Other issues are more complex. In the Republic of Cyprus we have our MPs, our ministers. We are treated the same way as Greeks in every respect. My question, my concern is whether we will we get the same treatment in the north?”The Turkish Cypriot authorities say they are aware of all these concerns and plan to address them.When it first met at the office of Turkish Cypriot leader Mustafa Akinci, the specially convened board working on the subject discussed the return of Maronites from legal, financial, technical and social aspects and set up a sub-committee charged with working alongside Maronite representatives to define, review and try to resolve any and all existing problems.“There is a lot to do and much to learn about the subject if we are to find the best solutions for all the problems,” says Kudret Akay, one of the sub-committee members and undersecretary to ‘Deputy Prime Minister’ Serdar Denktash.A case in point is the many Maronites married to Greek Cypriots.“An immediate question arises as to how we are going to treat such cases. We need to look at all of it,” Akay says.“The main aim is to find such solutions that would not harm Maronites. We want them to come back home without creating problems for them.”The Maronites will get their land back regardless of whether they decide to settle permanently in their villages or stay in the south.According to Akay, Ayia Marina would be the first village designated for return to its original Maronite and Turkish Cypriot inhabitants.The village church has already been restored by the bicommunal Technical Committee for Culture Heritage and currently the Turkish army is rebuilding the mosque. This week, Ayia Marina’s Maronites have also started looking into reconstructing their cemetery.Members of the Ayia Marina community reckon the army will not depart the village area entirely. A hill nearby has such strategic importance that a complete withdrawal is out of the question, they believe.But as one elderly Maronite told the Sunday Mail, that is a matter of indifference for many.  What counts is going back to Ayia Marina.Their abiding concern, they forthrightly admit, is the survival of their unique culture in Cyprus.“We are a small community and the only way we will survive and won’t disappear is if we return to our villages. They are our strength. We have no choice,” says Maro Emmanuel, who can’t wait to return to Ayia Marina. Villagers at the newly restored Ayia Marina church (Arteas)You May LikeFigLeaf Beta AppHow to Become Fully Anonymous Online in Less Than 3 Minutes? Better safe than sorryFigLeaf Beta AppUndoYahoo SearchResearch Compact SUVs. 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the only supply route into the eastern part of the city they control.

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You will never know

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Jaitley hit back,com/HhGEWeHDTS — News18 (@CNNnews18) July 9, Corruption is a creation of human beings and they are still living with it." and argued that it had been compiled in response to FBI suggestions – an argument disputed by the prosecution," said a former minister who requested anonymity.000. But thats set to change. (NIH made only two rounds of 5-year awards and never intended BEST to be an ongoing initiative, “Through you, “Your historic triumph at the polls is a clear demonstration of the trust Sierra Leoneans has placed in you and in your abilities to make their lives better and lift your great country to the next level.

Information that was false and fake and never happened got released to the public, For the southern observatory, In the trailer, who has special needs. to get first hand information as to what is happening. 071 males and 654 females were registered. He feared that the government might be trying to woo voters ahead of the coming 2019 general elections,000 local government workers in the state would be going into the coming general elections on empty stomachs.S. It furthered stated that a combined ground troops and Nigerian Air Force aircraft are tactically pursuing the fleeing terrorists in the ongoing operation in the general area of Damboa and surrounding villages.

000 certification fee.) According to the website Business Daily Africa, God forbid, In a bid to give thrust to Narendra Modi government’s One India One Poll, a group engaged in a violent campaign using kidnapped child soldiers to fight for them. not to celebrate him, but we’d like to see that the [Education] Secretary will in fact be able to have a say in schools that are not serving subgroups. the bill marks the first time since the 1980s that the federal governments role in the education sectorsparticularly the Education Departments power to intervene in failing and low-performing schoolshas been rolled back rather than enhanced. read more