TSA urged to rethink small knives on planes

first_imgTSA allows small knives and previouslybanned item back on board. “A knife may not bring down a plane down, but it could take out a flight attendant” – just one of the comments being made by the US travel industry, after the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) revoked regulations against bringing certain items on board.From 25 April 2013, travellers will be allowed to carry knives that do not lock and have blades that are 2.36 inches or six centimetres or less in length, bats, hockey sticks, ski poles, two golf clubs and billiard cues in their permitted carry-on luggage and into the cabin.Although the TSA said the decision was made to promote “better focus” on finding “higher threat items”, the industry says it doesn’t take an explosive to cause serious issues mid-flight.American Airlines has reportedly told the TSA to reconsider its decision, and requested a collective discussion on alternations that will “affect our crewmembers and customers”, Dallas News reported.“The safety of our people and our customers is paramount and we will continue to support policies that keep the airspace safe, and allow customers to move through the screening and security process as quickly and safely as possible,” American Airlines senior vice president of government and regulator affairs Will Ris said.“But we encourage the TSA to reassess its proposed revisions to the prohibited items list, scheduled to take effect April 25, to ensure that any and all changes have been thoroughly reviewed and vetted.”Meanwhile, a former flight attendant, David said although flight attendants are trained to handle certain situations on board, there have been many occasions which could have “been escalated to a more severe level of knives were involved”.As well as staff concerns, David added that passengers should also be wary because they could end up “sitting next to someone who becomes agitated and whom happens to have a knife and tries to use it”.Welcome changes or urgently reconsider? Where do you stand on having small knives on board? Source = e-Travel Blackboard: N.J.last_img

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