Doom played using a piano as the controller

first_imgDoom, id Software’s venerable first-person shooter than started it all (even though it didn’t start first-person shooters), has been made to run on just about every device under the sun at this point. From calculators to e-ink displays, Doom has become the Hello World of gaming on a non-gaming device. So much so, actually, that when a device is used for something it is not initially intended (such as running emulators on a phone), a common joke is to ask — loudly — “but can it run Doom?” Well, this piano isn’t running Doom, but the keys are certainly controlling the game.There isn’t too much info regarding the rig, but it appears to have been made at the Virgin Media Game Space, and has made the rounds on Twitter and Vine. Rather than playing Doom tracks with a piano, the actual piano replaces a standard computer keyboard-and-mouse combo. No, it doesn’t make the game any easier.As you can see from the above (and below) Vines, a piano isn’t the most efficient way to survive in Doom. For some reason, the keys mapped to the game also appear too far apart from one another — the woman in the above Vine reaching across half of the piano to control Doomguy.According to David Hayward, the rig is composed primarily of “a whole load of wiring,” which we believe is the technical term. Check out a closeup of the action below, and make sure to have your volume turned up. The piano keys ringing in conjunction with the action on screen make Doom seem like an awkward comedy.While playing a piano is a cool way to control Doom, does it run Doom?last_img

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