Citizens Question how Coalition will Contest NA Election

first_imgBy Madiba SinghatehAs the National Assembly election draws nearer, citizens are questioning whether the coalition will contest as independent candidates or whether they will be contesting under their various parties.The Independent Electoral Council has already issued a press stating its preparedness to conduct the National Assembly election which should take place on the 6 April, 2O17 and the local government on Thursday 12th April 2017.Eliman Ceesay said it is high time for them to make a decision as to whether the coalition will stand on their independent banner or each political party contest on its own.According to him, announcement has been made by the IEC and the Coalition has not said anything yet. “Coming together is the best thing for the public, because the public want them to come together as in the presidential election,” he said“We really need information about this coalition because nobody understands their agenda on this issue and the election is getting nearer,” Ceesay said.Also speaking, was one Maimuna  Jeng an accountant, said all she want is for parties to come together as a coalition.Maimuna said she believe that when the parties become one the will be able to control the entire seat in the National Assembly and eradicate all the bad laws they were adopting.She added that they want to see new faces on the national assembly building not the old faces who were implementing bad laws.“We want them to come together as coalition,” she saidOusman Jallow said if one hears about a coalition it means many parties coming together. He said the elders are telling them that they are meeting on that issue, and write now nobody will say whether the coalition has to stand or the parties.“We want to wait until the meeting is over so that anything that has to disseminated by the public will be done.He said people are doing their individual ground work that’s not a problem, but when the coalition is ready anybody who is willing to stand for the coalition can do so, provided that that person is chosen.This reporter will talk to necessary people in the Coalition for on the issue.last_img

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