Yes you can bring your sonic screwdriver onto the plane

first_imgMost of the time, the Doctor doesn’t have a reason to go through TSA security, but in the off chance that the TARDIS isn’t working, he will be allowed to bring his sonic screwdriver on a plane.Okay, so maybe not a real sonic screwdriver that uses alien technology to do, well, anything, but as long as he didn’t start waving it around and showing what it could do, the TSA would allow it in his carry-on luggage.According to the @AskTSA Twitter account, and as reported by CNET, one user was curious about whether they could bring their sonic screwdriver in their carry-on bag. The answer was yes, in case you were wondering. If you’re going to a geek convention, there are some items you should be wary of bringing into airports. For example, if you’re cosplaying and have weapon replicas, don’t bring them into your carry-on bags. Most replicas and self-defense weaponry (such as throwing stars, nunchucks, and brass nuckles) are allowed in checked baggage. However, anything that looks like an explosive or incendiary are prohibited in all bags. The TSA website has a list that covers most basic categories.A good rule of thumb if you’re flying to conventions and want to bring along some cosplay parts or other swag: look up the TSA’s policies on weapons and keep in mind the convention’s rules. Sometimes even fake weapons can get you in trouble. According to the TSA website, normal screwdrivers less than seven inches in length are also allowed in carry-ons and checked bags. Granted, screwdrivers of a non-Gallifreyan variety are more of a hazard for being sharp.This isn’t the first “geeky” item the TSA has had to field questions about. As the TSA also points out, please don’t try to check sword canes. Despite being hidden and sheathed, they are still swords. Please don’t bring swords onto planes.last_img

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