Medical Specialists to Strike over Health Insurance Bill

By Safaa KasraouiRabat – Clinics and private medical specialists throughout Morocco will go on strike on March 30.The strike, organized by the National Union of Private Medical Specialists (NUPMS) and the National Association of Private Clinics (NAPC), is partly intended to put into effect the 98-15 bill on Compulsory Health Insurance. The bill would introduce medical coverage for private medical specialists, whose numbers have increased to almost 11 million. The strike, which is expected to last the whole day, will not include practitioners affiliated with the national union’ liberal specialists.The strikers have also called for the revision of the CHI National Convention established in 2006.”This should be reviewed every three years, but it has not been changed since the date of its establishment,” said NUPMS spokesman Mohamed Hssain.The associations also aim to highlight the issue of fairness in the firing of practitioners in the field. ”The ministry must review its decisions when it comes to dismissing doctors in case of medical errors,” the spokesmen added.In response, the ministry in charge of managing the current situation has promised to accelerate the project on medical liability.

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