Defensor, mayors agree on unified ‘enhanced community quarantine pass’

first_img* media establishments Mayors agreed to have a unified quarantinepass during a meeting with Gov. Arthur Defensor Jr. on Monday afternoon inSanta Barbara town. * restaurants, fast food chains and foodstalls (but only for “take out” orders; “dine-in” service shall not be allowed) * medical/dental clinics, medical facilities,diagnostic centers and laboratories According to Mayor Mediatrix Fernandez of SanEnrique and president of the League of Municipalities of the Philippines (LMP)Iloilo Chapter, the enhanced community quarantine pass may be used by people togo out to: * buy medicines/health essentials   * municipal public markets (provided thatwhile the same shall be open everyday, scheduled market days shall be suspendedin all local government units) Defensor sought for a uniform pass to avoidconfusion and facilitate the movement of people between towns and to IloiloCity after noting that each local government unit has its own format of thepass. Under the EO, employees/workers in thefollowing fields (exemptions) may avail themselves of the enhanced communityquarantine pass: * funeral homes (but viewing  and wakes is prohibited) * establishments providing financial services(banks, pawnshops, money transfer services, and payment and remittance centers) ILOILO – Beginning tomorrow, local governmentunits through their barangay councils would be issuing uniform “enhancedcommunity quarantine passes.” * water-refilling stations * hospitals * public utilities providing transportation,power, energy, water, telecommunications and cargo handling * supermarkets, sari-sari stores, grocery stores, convenience stores and bakeshops Iloilo Gov. Arthur Defensor Jr. wants a uniform “enhanced community quarantine pass” throughout the province. IAN PAUL CORDERO/PN * establishments providing such other basicnecessities and services (agricultural supply stores, gasoline stations,liquefied petroleum gas stores/outlets; * buy basic household essentials * establishments / factories / plants engagedin the manufacturing / processing / storage of basic food products and healthneeds * go to work or do business in line withExecutive Order (EO) No. 080 of Defensor (“An order enforcing an enhancedcommunity quarantine over the entire province of Iloilo for stronger protectionagainst the coronavirus disease 2019).” * pharmacies * business process outsourcing (BPO) and knowledgeprocess outsourcing (KPO)/PNlast_img read more