Sutton Foster Pulls a Modern-Day Fantine in Younger: Episode 7

first_imgLiza Gets Sniff-n-StiffedLiza will wait for a barista Liza and Maggie head to the coffee shop to meet Gary, the recipient of Liza’s, erm, offering. The look of Liza’s face as she heads to the bathroom to retrieve said offering is a beautiful portrait of regret, sadness and disgust. And it’s all for her daughter, so Younger is essentially just a 21st century retelling of Les Miserables. Unfortunately, she makes the mistake of not getting the cash up front, and after getting a good whiff, Gary bolts. View Comments Sutton Foster Star Files Liza Gets…FiredLiza, in her quest to pay for her daughter’s tuition with as little dignity as possible, takes Lauren up on her next job offer: sequined bar girl at a startup launch party. While distributing shots, Liza runs into Empirical Press honcho Charles. Once again, 26-year-old Liza uses her 40-year-old insight to charm the people who should be her peers. It’s a promising moment until Liza drops a tray of shots all over her silver-suited boss for the night. Liza Gets an Offer She Can’t Refuse…selling her worn panties. Yep. This is the master plan to pay for Caitlin’s tuition. Liza braves the creeps of Craigslist who ask filthy questions involving asparagus and handies. Maggie the Heroic Lesbian Artist sums it up perfectly: “You gotta hand it to pervs, man. They don’t accept mediocrity.” We wish Maggie were there for us every time we sold our panties to strangers on the internet. Or at least to just get brunch with us or something. We don’t sell our panties on the internet. Stop looking. Diana’s Statement Jewelry of the Week!Here it is, everyone. Definitive proof that Diana Trout is a part of the Illuminati. When this becomes a plot point in a future episode, don’t tell us that we didn’t warn you. On a somber note, we must knock Diana’s divine jewelry down a peg this week for a serious infraction: Earlier in the episode, Diana repeated a look by reprising her “Origin of Love” necklace. We’ll let it go…mostly because we’re not quite sure what the Illuminati is capable of. We’re not gonna lie. Things are grim for Liza this week on Younger. As you’ll see, Sutton Foster channels her inner Fantine by doing some questionable deeds for the sake of her daughter. Make sure your underwear’s on nice and tight (after this episode, you’ll know why), throw on your favorite rendition of “I Dreamed a Dream” and check out what Liza endured in Episode 7 of the TV Land series.EPISODE 7: Broke and Panty-lessLiza Gets a Washboard PlayerThings with the hot tattoo artist are surprisingly tense this week. After overhearing a call between Liza and her daughter, Josh questions all of Liza’s phone and email activity. It’s of course not an unfounded concern, and it makes Liza’s insistence on maintaining the charade even more questionable. But in the meantime, Liza’s now a groupie to his bluegrass/jug band act, in which he plays the washboard. Lest you forget that Williamburg is a terrible place. Liza Gets Her Palms Read (to Filth)Liza’s daughter Caitlin calls from India, in need of tuition money (Liza’s paid her half while her soon-to-be-ex-husband David is “working on it”). Strapped for cash, Liza turns to “Queen of the Second Shift” Lauren, who initially recommends hand modeling. Remember, as Annabelle pointed out last week, Liza’s hands are a “dead giveaway” to her secret. So that’s a no. Kelsey (who’s rocking an incredible top knot this week and makes out with Anton in a Swedish candy store) suggests what Lauren used to do, which is…last_img read more